The sea of golden flowers is in full bloom

2022-04-30 0 By

Pieces of rapeseed linked into a piece, woven into a bay of golden sea, attracted a stream of visitors in this photo as a souvenir…On March 20, 30,000 square meters of rape flowers in Golden Lake Park in The Golden Bay Area will be in full bloom, attracting many tourists to enjoy the flowers.This is the rape flower sea newly created by Golden Lake Park, which brings tourists a new choice for outing.This year, in addition to the rape flower fields, Golden Lake Park also planted rhododendrons, cherry blossoms, palace powder bauhinia and other flowers, creating colorful clusters of flowers in the park.”The flowers in this park are so beautiful that I can’t take enough pictures!”Ms. Chen, a resident of Aviation New City, arrived at Golden Lake Park with her husband by sightseeing bus.As a native of Golden Bay, Ms. Chen has witnessed great changes in the area.Source: Zhuhai Special Zone News (reporter Gan Fengkai, Zhang Zhou) Read by Sun Shijian