The launch of four models of BYD Yuan PLUS is coming soon

2022-04-30 0 By

February 15 – ACCORDING to multiple media reports, BYD Yuanplus will be officially launched on February 19 (Saturday).As the first SUV model of BYD E platform 3.0, Yuanplus has launched four models. Pre-orders have been opened before, and more than 20,000 orders have been received so far, indicating its popularity.Yuanplus adopts BYD Dragon Face 3.0 family design language, with body sizes of 4455*1875*1615 mm and wheelbase of 2720 mm, positioned as compact pure electric SUV.In appearance, the body lines are smooth and simple, full of rhythmic beauty, and the “Yuan” of xiaozhuan characters is embossed on the chrome trim of the front face of the penetration type, especially showing a sense of delicacy.The most eye-catching is the c-pillar silver “dragon scale” decorative plate, with a strong waist line extending back from the chrome-plated LOGO strip of the wing plate, creating a strong sense of hierarchy.It is worth mentioning that the car is the world’s first intelligent cockpit built with the concept of sports and fitness, which provides dumbbell air conditioning air outlet, handgrip door handle, thrust electronic stopper, integrated sports seats and other configurations.It also features BYD’s signature 15.6-inch adaptive rotating center screen and the latest DiLink 4.0(4G) smart connectivity system.In terms of power, the Yuan PLUS is powered by a 150-kilowatt drive motor that produces 204 horsepower and accelerates 0-100 km/h in 7.3 seconds.The new car is equipped with blade batteries of 50.12 KWH and 60.48 KWH in two different specifications, with a combined range of 430 km and 510 km under CLTC conditions.