Left the village

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Left the village…Whenever I drive into that remote village, Lanyu Village, Nan Fan Town, JIANGxian County, I can’t help but loosen the throttle, let the speed as slow as possible, and then a little slower…Then the heart can not help but sigh, that sigh from my nostalgia for the village, from my good memories of the village has been sentimentally attached to, from my scenes of the village has been the passions, from my village brick by brick deep emotions like the sea.Yes, that is the small village, it gives the starting point of my career, casting the twist of the life for me, let I learned to bear hardships and stand hard work, taught me to live the philosophy, the first step to help me into the happiness…… the most important, however, is let me find a true love of his life, and then blossom, out of the village, to continue to write my life wonderful.The mountains there, the water there, the people there, the flowers there, the trees there, the air there, the bricks and tiles there, are tightly tied with my heart, can not leave my memory forever.I felt deeply that everything there had crept into my life and became part of my history.I remember the day I left, the whole sky is hazy, the sun was covered by clouds all over the sky smiling face, the sun refused to show up, it seems to retain the pace of my imminent departure.People around me, no longer smiling, with their advice to stop me from going forward.Looking at that familiar face, looking at that both pairs of pleading eyes, my heart silently tears, but I can not say too much, because I am afraid I can not suppress the tears may overflow eyes at any time.In the intricate mood, I begged god to turn the time and space.The old man cried, and she asked me, “I will call you later. Will you come back to see me?”Looking at her again and again to wipe tears, my mood is not the taste, choked and answered: “of course, I will come back!”After a simple sentence, I sat for a moment… Everything was loaded, leaving nothing but endless memories.Gradually, the car set off, and at this time, the long – suppressed light rain began to pass through the clouds, toward the village, along the direction of my fall.Yes, the falling drizzle is what I want to express most.I stared back in the drizzle, watching the crowd recede… Finally, the crowd disappeared from sight.I look back, a full face of rain and tears has together, they are together, in addition to the red, red eyes, I don’t know where the tears flow with rain…… several years later, when I drove the car, with my wife and children went to the village to visit my father-in-law, mother-in-law, will slow down the speed of the car, called the pedestrians on the road,This is the way to tell them: I have not forgotten everything here!Wang Hao, net name “through the Millennium”, was born in March 1982, Shanxi Province, Weizhuang Town fan village, engaged in medical business.Since childhood sickly, in the life experienced hardships, had many times with “death” brush, with a strong will to conquer heavy resistance.I love literature, and my work “The Charm of Snowflakes” won the first prize of the fifth “Meet in Beijing” National Literature and Art Competition.”Heaven on Earth”, “Sunset Again”, “a precious Photograph” have been published in three Eyes Media, many other works scattered in many magazines.Source: Three Eyes Media Editor: Kaiji Lu