In public?Unspoken rules at work!The girl was asked to sleep in a room with the male chairman when she was on a business trip

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In the reality of the workplace, there are countless hidden rules, many people will think of the movies and TV series sexy, R-class variety, but the premise is that they have to have the objective conditions of the hidden rules.The so-called hidden rules are the underlying rules, invisible.Now, however, the unspoken rule is on the table, being bluntly asked: “Would you mind sleeping in the same room as the chairman on business trips?”Just after the Spring Festival holiday, a girl in Guangzhou posted an online post about a bizarre incident she encountered while applying for a job, sparking a heated debate among Internet users.The girl was in her early twenties and young and beautiful.She’s only been in the workforce for two years, so she’s kind of a newcomer.Last year, she was paid well enough to work for a foreign company in Shenzhen, but the company had an embarrassing policy: every morning, employees were supposed to stand in two rows, one male to the other, standing very close to each other, with the tip of their noses no more than a fist.They then shout exit numbers one after another to encourage each other to keep their spirits up for the day.What made the girl unbearable was that, because of her high appearance level, she would be assigned to a male leader in the middle and high level almost every day, who would stare at her and shout slogans, getting closer and closer, wanting to directly confront her face.She could feel the repulsive breath and the spit on her face.So, at the end of last year, she decided to stay away from the foreign company and the disgusting corporate culture.As soon as the Spring Festival was over, the girl got in touch with a company in Shenzhen through online recruitment.The company’s human resources communicated with her online, but there was one item that made her feel that she had once again encountered an unspoken rule!When it came to work, HR asked her: “Gay sex is common and accepted by most people if it’s because the company is committed to saving money.”However, when she casually asked if the chairman was a woman, HR’s answer surprised her.She replied, “No, a man in his early 50s!”Recruit a young girl, want to be willing to live in a room with more than 50 years old leader, this is not the heart of Sima Zhao?This is clearly the unspoken rule!The girl said clearly, “I can’t accept this situation.”HR: “It’s ok, you don’t have to think about it, we mean the same hotel, the accommodation will be better.”The girl couldn’t resist asking, “Is your travel budget too low?””In the past two years, due to the epidemic, the development of the company has been affected, we need to continue to develop, can save money to actively reduce.”One of the company’s recruitment requirements is that applicants must be photographed without makeup.According to day eye check, although this company established very long period of time, but the company’s employees are less than 50 people, and the company legal person and main leader have only one person!Combined with such information, presumably we can also guess the purpose of recruitment, that is: this is not hiring employees, is to choose concubines for the boss!The netizen exposed her bizarre experience on the Internet, attracting a lot of attention and comments.Many netizens said: “Fortunately, the HR employee spoke up during the interview, so as not to bring up the bizarre condition again after the employment, causing disputes.”Similar things, in reality, there are many, most of them are recruitment cover, do not speak of dirty deeds.No culture of the enterprise can not go far, I hope users in the application of bright eyes, pay more attention to the company with positive energy corporate culture, to avoid the disgusting workplace unspoken rules.