Better stop three minutes do not grab a second, safe driving starts from you and me

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Safety is the parents’ sustenance, safety is the wife’s expectation, safety is the friend’s blessing, safety is the children’s wish.Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, stay away from the pressure of work, unload all the worries and worries, and go to the pure land of nature to bathe in the body and mind, relax;Have a nice trip!Propagandize traffic safety traffic police carefully, create civilized traffic we keep in mind;Driving and walking comity three first as one, long life peace is blessing all happy.Thousands of words peace is a blessing, thousands of mountains and rivers in compliance with the rules for the road, tempered confidence degree, do everything possible to start carefully.Life has no return, cherish life, safe travel, start from me.Go to work and be careful;Come home, slow down;Along the way, pay attention;In your heart, there is a little.”Bit by bit, safety first”.Better wait three minutes than grab a second.One person driving, the whole family, buddy you are the pillar of the family ah, you must be careful, must be careful ah.The journey is long, driving, driving although very fast, but there may be accidents, when driving, we must pay more attention to safety ah.Propagandize traffic safety, establish traffic police civilized driving concept;Driving and walking polite three first unity, a long life of peace and happiness.Traffic lights get off like a flood, safe driving is the most important, mutual comity and order, safe and family smile on the way home.