7 years old children picky eating anorexia is not long, the doctor reminded: children have 8 kinds of performance, parents should pay more attention to

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Cousin home kang Kang, this year has been 7 years old, is a grade one children.Every time we meet, Kangkang’s happy smiling face always wins everyone’s love.Although children are young, their hearts are very sensitive.As he entered elementary school recently, his heart was full of worries.Originally, Kangkang’s class is arranged according to height.With his short stature, he was naturally placed in the front row.Although he was close to the blackboard, many tall students always called him “short man” behind his back.This makes Kangkang very uncomfortable.My cousin had mixed feelings when she learned of the situation.After much thought, I decided to take Kangkang to a nearby children’s hospital for an examination.In the doctor’s careful inquiry, cousin said, Kang Kang’s usual appetite is very poor, eat what things are one or two on the full.Cousin thinks kang Kang’s appetite is bad all the time, did not take too much seriously.But after a doctor’s examination, it was found that Kang Kang had accumulated a large amount of food in his body, and now his spleen and stomach are on the verge of failure.And children do not love to eat, it is because of food accumulation.Because the accumulation of food for a long time, but also on the child’s nutrition absorption has an impact, resulting in the growth of the child is becoming more and more slow, the child is no longer obvious growth.Director of pediatrics urgent notice: the child picky anorexia, not be appetite is poor, it is mostly the body is in “help for help” when the doctor is looking for sicken reason discovery, cousin elder sister can let Kang Kang insist on drinking milk every day, will achieve the purpose of complementary nutrition with this.The time is set at the end of the day before you go to bed.The doctor shook his head.If children drink milk before going to bed, it will directly increase the burden of the spleen and stomach.Often do so, not only will affect the movement of the spleen and stomach, but also lead to the child’s digestion speed is becoming slower and slower.Later, because of the accumulation of food, the child will be too resistant to all food, slowly appetite will become poor, there are serious obvious symptoms of anorexia.Children accumulate food in the body, the body often appears the following abnormalities 1, fever repeated, colds and coughs constantly, often sick;2, picky anorexia, appetite decreased significantly, no appetite;3, the constitution is very weak, abnormal yellow face, malnutrition;4, slow growth, always not long head, short stature;5, thick white tongue coating, a layer of frost on the surface, there is a map tongue;6, sour mouth, brushing is difficult to improve, breath is very heavy;Sleep restless, always like to kick the quilt, love to sleep on his stomach;Dark circles under the eyes, the bridge of the nose with veins, black nose.Height “suppressor” announced, milk on the list, pediatric director: blind blind feeding, will only destroy the child’s height 1, milk milk is rich in nutrition, as we all know.However, usually too much drinking milk, but will increase the burden of the child’s spleen and stomach.Especially in the market under the banner of children’s milk, do publicity businesses.This kind of milk is rich in sugar and additives, if children often drink, not only will aggravate the burden of spleen and stomach, but also cause food accumulation.Over time, the child’s spleen and stomach will be damaged.2, fried chicken fried fast food, should be a fried chicken hamburger, they are the heart of many children.But in these foods, not only contain more oil components, but also not easy to be digested and decomposed.If children eat too much, they will produce a lot of water as they are transported and absorbed.It is not only easy to cause food accumulation in children’s bodies, but also lead to frequent colds and coughs.When it comes to thick soups, many people think of nutrients first.But for the child’s development is still not perfect spleen and stomach, will only increase the burden of its metabolism.Many of the ingredients in thick soup are not only insoluble in water, but also very difficult to be absorbed by the body.Parents are advised to pay more attention at ordinary times.Keep a reasonable and balanced diet and never be too blind.Doctor: if you want to maintain the child’s spleen and stomach, you should do 2 things at ordinary times. 1. Supplement nutrition once the child has accumulated a lot of food, be sure to regulate the spleen and stomach for the child in time, and do not delay.If the accumulation of serious, can be appropriate to the child often drink hawthorn six paste.It is added with hawthorn, yam, chicken gold, jujube, malt, tuckahoe and other herbs, safe ingredients without stimulation, conducive to children’s spleen and stomach adjustment and development.Children malnutrition, picky anorexia, adhere to two spoonfuls of water every day to drink, to ensure adequate nutrition in the child’s body, accelerate the power of the spleen and stomach, help healthy growth.2, insist on exercise children now have a holiday, might as well timely participate in sports and exercise.Usually appropriate running, playing sports, not only can enhance the spleen and stomach movement, promote the decomposition and digestion of food in the body, but also can reduce the risk of eating accumulation.In addition, children exercise properly, contribute to bone growth and development, for the growth of height, but also has a good effect, it is recommended that parents pay attention to.