Yanqing Winter Olympics Village: take away warm details and leave ice and snow memories

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As the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games draws to a close, the Beijing Yanqing Olympic Games area, which has won a total of 21 gold MEDALS, has not only showcases high-quality venues to the world, but also deeply impressed members of the Olympic family with the “dumpling freedom” of the Winter Olympic Village and the warm smiles of the volunteers.More than 1,200 athletes and officials from 87 delegations have been staying in yanqing Winter Olympic Village since the village opened on January 23.As the home of the athletes during the games, here eight days a cycle of Chinese dumplings, old Beijing roast duck, bronze pot shabu meat and special snacks such as malatang cuisine menu, so that On February 11 to yanqing Winter Olympic village investigation Bach was full of praise.Bach said, “If I stay in the village for three days, I will gain 10 kilograms,” jia Xi, the publicity manager of yanqing Village, recalled.In the Winter Olympic village of Yanqing, there is a youthful spark between athletes and volunteers.Jassie remembers Jamaican alpine skier Benjamin Alexander discovering the secret garden when he couldn’t fall asleep at night, going to restaurants to “dance” with volunteers and forming friendships.The winter Olympic Village was also the main site for the reception and delivery. When the volunteers and all the Members of the Ukrainian delegation said goodbye, they staged a warm scene of “comparing hearts” through the window.Thanks to the openness, enthusiasm and tolerance of the village staff and volunteers, athletes from all over the world have made a lot of Chinese friends in the village.In the Winter Olympic Village of Yanqing, there is a small space of less than 80 square meters, which is a holy place for athletes to “punch in kung Fu” and also a window to display Chinese culture.Here, the traditional Chinese health skills “Five Poultry xi” is put on the screen.With the support of intelligent interactive technology, athletes can get scores by imitating actions on the screen, and experience the charm of TCM health care for themselves.In Yanqing Winter Olympics Village, many small details make people feel warm.The staff prepared a simple birthday “small party” for the athletes, and even the hints were painted with “fashion top flow” Bing Dun Dun.Mr. Samaranch jr., chairman of the Ioc Beijing Winter Olympic Games Coordination Commission, came to the village to praise Yanqing Village, he commented: “Living in Yanqing Village, very beautiful!I want to visit Yanqing village again.”All 39 catering service points in Yanqing competition area have been put into operation, providing catering services for athletes, team officials, stakeholders and other people involved in the Olympics of about 16,000 people.The hotels involved in the Olympic Games launched dozens of different flavors of meals, according to the needs of different groups launched on-demand, on time ordering service, so that everyone at any time 24 hours to eat hot meals.There are 3 related to the Olympic hotel in Yanqing at the earliest start “small closed loop”.Han Zheng, the head of the hotel’s resident security team, said that while strengthening the hotel’s perimeter inspection management and epidemic prevention and control by means of civil air defense, physical defense and technical defense, the staff also studied and developed a seven-set menu combining Chinese and Western elements, so that guests can choose their own dishes according to different tastes.”In order to satisfy everyone’s different tastes, our chefs are at full strength. In particular, we cook 100 kilograms, or 10,000 dumplings, for a meal for foreign guests.”Han Zheng said.Security system is a big project a string of Numbers reflect the operation situation of yanqing division: national snowmobiles sled center stadium “flying snow” snow machines and steel snowmobiles, sled, came from China, 37 countries and regions such as America, Britain’s 319 athletes, daily running time about 19 hours, workers a total of 1502 people.Yanqing regional transport team has 282 vehicles and 87 routes. As of February 14, a total of 15,500 trains and 285,800 passengers have been transported without delay or accident.The 11 ropeways at the National Alpine Ski Center have run more than 1,600 hours since the Games began.For this reason, operation and maintenance personnel arrive at 3 PM every night and work in temperatures of minus 36 degrees Celsius.Winter Olympics guarantee is a systematic project.The alpine skiing, bobsled and luge events held in Yanqing have great risks, which put forward stringent requirements for medical security and meteorological security.After the athletes are injured, the venue medical team will immediately provide on-site treatment. The venue medical manager will arrange ambulance teams or helicopters to transfer the patients to designated hospitals. The ambulance transfer time is about 35 minutes, while the helicopter transfer time is only 8-9 minutes.On February 7th, the winter Olympics Medical security Center of Yanqing Hospital of The Third Hospital of Peking University received a foreign luge athlete who was injured during training. After examination, the expert team quickly formulated a detailed treatment plan, and the athletes and team doctors fully agreed. They underwent surgery that night and were discharged smoothly on February 11th.As of February 15, the winter Olympics medical support center has received a total of 170 people, including 9 athletes, 29 team officials, etc., carried out a total of 9 operations (including 3 foreign athletes), hospitalized 12 people, 9 people have been discharged.Snow events are greatly affected by the weather, especially alpine skiing is more demanding on the meteorological requirements.For this reason, Yanqing district set up a guarantee team composed of 49 people, and built a “three-dimensional, second-level, multi-factor” Winter Olympics weather monitoring network and “minute level, 100-meter level” Winter Olympics forecast service system, to maximize the timely and accurate weather forecast.From February 12 to 14, yanqing competition area ushered in the first snowfall since the start of the competition.Yanqing meteorological service guarantee team reported the snow process to yanqing venue group and Yanqing Competition operation guarantee headquarters 8 days in advance.During the snowfall, the team also provided rolling forecast services for alpine venues, sled venues and winter Olympic village.China Youth Daily · China Youth Net reporter Hu Ning Source: China Youth Daily source: China Youth Daily client