World’s oldest mummy found in Portugal

2022-04-29 0 By

Previously unprinted photographs have revealed evidence of mummification 8,000 years ago, the earliest evidence of mummification found anywhere in the world.About 60 years ago, an archaeologist photographed some of the skeletons.The skeletons were buried in 8,000-year-old graves in southern Portugal.Now, a new analysis of the previously unprinted photographs shows that the oldest human mummies are not found in Egypt or Chile, but in Europe.After analyzing the photos and visiting burial sites, the researchers said that during excavations in the 1960s, more than a dozen ancient remains were found in the Sardo Valley in southern Portugal, and that at least one body had been mummified, possibly to facilitate transportation of the body before burial.There are indications that other bodies buried at the site may also have been mummified, meaning that mummified bodies may have been common in the area at the time.Ancient Egyptians used sophisticated procedures to mummify more than 4,500 years ago.And scientists have found evidence of mummification in Europe, dating back to around 1000 BC.But the new Portuguese mummy is the oldest ever found, predating the previous record holder, a mummy from the coastal region of Chile’s Atacama Desert, by about 1,000 years.Biology at the university of uppsala, Sweden, archaeologists rita perot, theo – schenna said, in the atacama desert is very dry environments, such as making mummy is relatively simple, in Europe is difficult to find evidence of mummified, Europe’s weather is much more humid, this means that the mummification of soft tissues are rarely preserved.Peroteo-scheiner is the lead author of a study involving the findings.The study was published this month in the British journal of European Archaeology.