Tragic thinking about abnormal love

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A true story, a tragedy that made us think deeply.A Male 28 years old;Run a restaurant.Three children.B Woman opened her own small beauty shop at 23.She has children and a husband of her own.Maybe two people have a common hobby, maybe two people have a common business mind.Imperceptibly two people came together.Began a three-year secret affair.For the so-called true love woman for the man to pay a lot, help to bring a lot of money to the lover.Not afraid to make a lot of trouble with her husband.One day she realized that going on like this was not an option and urged him to get a divorce.However, the father of three children is not so cool, encounter multiple family resistance.The love-hate woman lost her mind.Regardless of the woman’s shyness to the husband’s home and the original negotiation.Faced with the third party’s arrogance, the husband’s family fought back.After fruitless negotiations with the woman and her parents, she took off her mistress’s clothes and publicly humiliated and attacked her.B decided to commit suicide because she had no face to face.Twenty years old age, should have been full of happiness of the age is their husband lost his wife, is their small children lost maternal love.The whole family was filled with hate and anger.