The 280 square meter perfect five-bedroom flat floor takes you into a dream home trip

2022-04-29 0 By

Having a perfect flat floor is the dream of many people.Some people have achieved it, some people are on the way to their dreams, but all this does not prevent us from having an elegant experience, this home model will take you into a dream home world.The elevator independent hall, through the door to enter the door, the north side can be made a top coat and hat rack or suspended shoe cabinet, temporary shoes and hats items can be neatly placed here, while ensuring the activity hall neat.Southward is the old person room that takes toilet, morpheus area and area that wash bath face south entirely, have excellent daylighting and ventilated.And surrounded by the deep and long balcony, you can do a vegetable garden in the sky.The freshest nutrients are available at home, everything is new, everything is just right.The activity hall is transparent from north to south, and the walls are strictly aligned, revealing the rich sense of space.Dining-room, hutch on the west, in hutch and the balcony that operate form 4 palace cases close decorate, the space is fluent, pattern is compact and not limited.The overall movement and movement separation is clear, the rest area has four rooms.The two rooms to the north and the second bedroom to the south are one step away from the dry and wet separated guest bathroom on the north side.The master bedroom has a walk-in U-shaped closet and an open-window bathroom with double countertops and tub.The sleeping area is spacious and can be used as a mini leisure area or dressing table.Do you think you can score 98 points for the whole unit?