Practicing old lawyer on high-profile philanthropy

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China has a bizarre character.Not only did he have a weird name, but he also had a weird name for his kids, and he purposely changed it.His name is Chen Guangbiao, and his son’s name is Environmental protection and his son’s name is Environmental protection!More famous than his name is that he is known as “China’s chief philanthropist”, has been high-profile charity, not only in China, but also to the United States, Treasure Island, it is said that in the United States was rejected by the recipient, treasure Island was almost beaten!Cao Dewang, the Bodhisattva of The Chinese business community, put it more bluntly: Chen Guangbiao’s high-profile charity is a fool, a big fool!In short, there are mixed reviews of his high-profile philanthropy, with more detractors.It has been silent for a long time, but recently it went back to its hometown in Jiangsu province to do high-profile charity and left the public again. It became an Internet celebrity once again, causing controversy and opinions.As a lawyer who has been practicing for more than 30 years, MY view is as follows: first, as long as the money and goods of charity are legal, the law should not interfere with them.As long as the funds and materials used for charity are legal, and the charity does not violate public order and good customs, it is legal. Based on the principle of “not breaking the law and breaking the customs can be done”, the law should not intervene.2. The donee has the right to refuse, and the benefactor has the responsibility and obligation to respect the will of the donee.Charity is essentially free gift, was a good man, although in doing good, but also have the right to refuse to the donee, more have the right to not be disturbed, invasion of privacy, because “civil code” article six hundred and fifty-seven stipulates clearly: the gift contract is a contract whereby the donor conveys his property to the donee gratis, and the donee manifests his acceptance of the gift contract.Therefore, when the recipient is unwilling to accept the gift due to face, privacy and other practical circumstances, the benefactor cannot force the gift!Let alone interfere with the production, life and privacy of others because of charity.Third, charity should respect customs, customs and religious principles.China is a land of rites and ceremonies with thousands of years of cultural tradition, which has accumulated profound and excellent traditional customs, customs, religious principles and other traditional cultures.In our traditional culture, there has always been a tradition of “seeing good is not good”, that is, true charity should not be known and seen by the recipient and the public, otherwise it is hypocritical!Famous “Jin merchants, Huizhou merchants”, etc., they are doing charity while the recipient does not pay attention to, do not know, secretly will give property to the recipient, the purpose is not to make the recipient embarrassed, psychological obstacles, but also inspire the recipient will also pass on the heart of charity!The reason why Cao Dewang scolded Chen guangbiao and disapproved of Chen guangbiao’s high-profile charity was that he believed that his charity had an ulterior motive, that is, “seeing good and bad”, which is also what the Diamond Sutta said: “All appearance is vain!The high-profile charity was rejected in the US and strongly opposed in Taiwan because of its appearance.Cao Dewang is an entrepreneur I respect very much, and his views are highly appreciated by me!