Japanese reporter praised the Winter Olympics: food rich and delicious epidemic prevention strict safety

2022-04-29 0 By

Japanese journalist Hideyuki Nishikawa is currently in Beijing to cover the Winter Olympics. He posted on The asahi Shimbun’s website “AERAdot” on February 8 that the dishes in the winter Olympics village canteen are rich and delicious, and there is no dissatisfaction.He also praised the strict quarantine measures during the Winter Olympics.”I asked a lot of Japanese athletes, and they have Chinese food, Asian food, pizza, pasta, salad, at least hundreds of dishes here.They all said, I don t have any complaints. There are many varieties of food and it is delicious. I m worried that I can t control my weight if I eat too much.”Journalists also eat at the media center,” Nishikawa said. “It’s great.”Apart from the dishes, Xichuan also praised the strict epidemic prevention measures of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”We do a nucleic acid test once a day, and once positive, we go to the hospital,” he said.In particular, he pointed out that quarantine is not being relaxed at all and is necessary from the point of view of preventing proliferation.During the Games, the Beijing Winter Olympic Village will provide healthy, safe and diverse catering services, with a menu of 678 dishes approved by the International Olympic Committee that will be rotated every eight days, Xinhua News Agency reported earlier.It adheres to the principle of “athletes as the center” and provides round-the-clock high-quality catering service for all delegations.(overseas network – Wang Shanning) overseas network copyright works, without authorization is strictly prohibited.