“I missed the opening ceremony, I missed my son’s birthday, but I didn’t miss my commitment!”

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On February 4, the start of Spring, the Beijing Winter Olympics will open at 8 PM.Yu Zhikui, from pingan Construction office in Xiluoyuan Street, Fengtai District, spent his 38th birthday in Yihai Garden, Fenghong community, and his son spent his fourth birthday at home.”I missed the opening ceremony, I missed my son’s birthday, but I didn’t miss my commitment!””Yu Zhikui said.At 6:00 a.m., Yu Zhikui started busy. He and his colleagues first went to get nucleic acid reagents and then distributed them to the test sites in grids in batches to ensure that the preparation work before sampling was in place and the sampling could be timely after the arrival of medical staff.”Nucleic acid tests should be carried out every day, and this work should be repeated every day. We have to ensure that nucleic acid tests are carried out normally, so as to play a screening role and not miss a single person!”Yu Zhikui finished his delivery of nucleic acid reagents, not enough time to rest, it has arrived every morning supplies distribution time.”Yihai Garden community is so big that even in the grid areas 6 and 7 that we serve, there are 1,610 households. At most, we deliver more than 7,000 items of goods a day. It is not just lip service to say that ‘every household is not missing’.”In order to make sure that there is no mistake, they will sort out the daily supplies in advance, and then distribute them to each network. They will connect with the volunteers of the building door to put the supplies and things according to the building door, which is convenient for the volunteers to distribute the follow-up work.Day by day, in Yihai Garden community, support forces from fengtai district’s various streets converge into a large network, providing all-round protection for the residents.”Kudos to you for your quiet dedication, braving the cold and sacrificing your rest time to serve our community!”Yihai garden residents have also sent warmth for the staff, some sent masks, alcohol and other epidemic prevention supplies, and some sent hot water and their own stewed chicken legs, so that the staff feel deep warmth in the winter.On February 4, Yu Zhikui received a special gift — a painting of “Unity as a city” drawn by a student in Building 3 of Furunyuan when he was assisting medical staff to conduct nucleic acid tests at their home.”This is the most special birthday present I’ve ever received!””Yu Zhikui said.Although he could not watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in real time, when he saw the coverage and highlights of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on his mobile phone, he was filled with pride: He had done a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, guaranteed the living needs of residents and helped the winter Olympics to be held smoothly. This is a meaningful birthday!