Grumpy sulk in love with fire, mouth sores a half a month not good?Doctor: It should be treated from the point of view of the liver

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Your mouth sore is always frequent attack, may be too flourishing liver – liver depression spleen deficiency type mouth sore etiology and pathogenesis always have fans with private letter to ask their mouth sore a good ten days and half a month, before the Spring Festival began, this all the first month of the first four, or did not improve…A small sore in the mouth, so that the Spring Festival did not have a good.And mouth sore always frequent people, impatient, irritable, love sulk also many, these people women see, Chinese medicine from the dialectical point of view, for these people can be treated from the liver.So, the aphthous ulcer that happens in oral cavity mucous membrane, with heart liver spleen lung kidney “liver” have what relation?In the beginning of spring this day, in order to remove a few fans of oral sore doubt, we come from the relationship between liver and mouth to talk about stubborn oral sore how to treat from the liver.1. The liver and the mouth can be found from the meridians: Chinese medicine thinks: “the mouth, the viscera through also.”Therefore, if there is a pathological state of the viscera, and the meridians of the viscera go through the site, there will be corresponding lesions.The relationship between liver and mouth can be understood from the point of view of channels and collaterals from the records in Lingshu Jing: “The veins of liver foot jueyin…Its branches extend from the eye to the cheek and into the lip.”This is the theoretical basis that school of traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the person of liver depression often produces aphthous easily (one).Moreover, in the “Simple Questions” also: “The recovery of Shaoyang…Anger hair, is still mouth mi “record,” mouth mi “is today said mouth sores.It is pointed out here that if shaoyang meridians are trapped by evil, the heat of the hair can be transmitted to the mouth and tongue through the circulation and hair for mouth sores and other diseases.Liver and gallbladder in meridian circulation and mutual inside, or always say liver and gallbladder, so from meridian circulation, liver and oral disease is closely related.2. The relationship between the liver and the mouth can also be understood from the five elements: the incidence of oral sores is in the mouth, but the “Lingshu Jing” says: “The spleen in the mouth”, that is, the spleen in the orifice is the mouth, according to the relationship of the five elements mutually complement each other, muke soil is the liver (wood) restricting the spleen (soil).If the liver qi in the five zang organs is too excited, and the spleen is restrained (restricted) too much, it will lead to the deficiency of spleen and soil, forming the clinical syndrome of “mu Wang by soil”, and the syndrome of liver depression and spleen deficiency.Liver main laxative, dredge, regulate smooth body qi, ease of mood.So the liver of the laxative function is abnormal, it is easy to anger or sulk.The spleen is responsible for the transportation and distribution of water and grain to the whole body. The qi regulation of the liver helps the coordination of the rising, clearing, turbidities and lowering of the spleen and stomach. Just as the book “Suwen” said, “The soil and the wood can reach the whole body”.The liver likes to tune up and dislikes depression. If depression and anger hurt the liver, the liver qi stagnation and laxative dereliction of duty will lead to the dysfunction of the spleen and stomach, which is easy to lead to frequent mouth sores.The stubborn aphthous sore that irascibility brings about, how dialectical syndrome theory treats?According to the etiology, pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of oral sore, Chinese medicine treats stubborn oral sore from the liver, which is often divided into the following syndromes and treated respectively: 1.Liver depression spleen deficiency model: this kind of aphthous ulcer, basically because irascible is too flourishing, restriction to spleen is too too, bring about spleen deficiency and hair is aphthous, it is “wood flourishing multiply spleen” the aphthous ulcer that brings about, and see more empty fact holds miscellaneous concurrently.The typical symptoms of liver depression, spleen deficiency and mouth sore are: ulcer spots in the mouth, depression, mouth pain, poor appetite, poor sleep, dry stool, red tongue, tongue fat big edge teeth marks, thin white or yellow moss, pulse string number.The prescription is composed of Angelica sinensis, Peony, Buchbuhu, Poria cocus, Atractylodes atractylodes, licorice, ginger, gardenia fruit, danpi, orange orange, aurantium aurantii, fennel, etc.2. Heart and liver stutters heat type mouth sore: heart and liver stutters heat type mouth sore, mostly because of mother disease and son or son disease and mother caused by positive mouth sore.The typical symptoms of the mouth sore are: mouth sore, red face red eyes, irritable, upset, sleep less, dry mouth bitter, dry stool, urine red;Tip of tongue red, moss yellow pulse string number.The treatment of the mouth sore with heart and liver stasis can be used to clear the heart and soothe the liver. The formula is composed of mutong, Shengdi, licorice, zao, Gentian, gardenia, Scutellaria baicalensis, forsythia, Prunella subtilis and red peony root.3. Liver depression changes fire aphthous: the female that loves sulking looks over, the aphthous aphthous that the person place that loves sulking sends is liver depression changes fire model more — liver qi yu knot, yu long changes heat, heat circulate classics steam burns the tongue, hair is aphthous.Liver depression changes the typical symptom of fire aphthous ulcer has: oral cavity mucous membrane has ulcer, mood is low or irritable, food is still ok, but morpheus is poor, mouth is dry mouth is bitter, tongue red moss is thin pulse string.It can be treated by relieving liver depression, clearing heat and relieving fire, and by adding and reducing chabhu, cinnamon, dried ginger, trichosanthes root, scutellaria baicalensis, oyster, licorice root, etc.4. Liver-kidney-yin deficiency oral sore: the reason for liver-kidney-yin deficiency oral sore is that the kidney deficiency cannot contain wood, which is caused by Yin deficiency fire flourishing syndrome of oral sore.The typical symptom of mouth sore of deficiency of liver and kidney Yin: ulcer is inside the mouth, 5 upset heat, hot flushes night sweat, waist genu acerbity is soft, defecate is dry, urinate is normal, tongue is red, moss is thin, pulse string is fine.The method of nourishing Yin and clearing heat can be used to treat mouth sore of deficiency of liver and kidney Yin, and the decoction of zhibai dihuang is added and reduced.Speaking of here, today for the treatment of oral sore from the liver to here first, the next phase of the popular science content of oral sore, to explain a detailed medical case for liver depression spleen deficiency oral sore.If the internode is endure aphtha burning pain, might as well by focusing on @ Chinese acad med sci in pharmacy  – window from the home page of a Dr Regulate aphtha external use traditional Chinese medicine spray American born collapse joy to regulate locally, if want to undertake recuperating for repeated ulcers in one-on-one, you can sign up to participate in “2022” oral mucosa disease one hundred rescue plan, DMS message application.Reference: Qi Lijie et al., “Treating Oral Ulcer from the Liver”, No. 112, 2019, Journal of Asia-Pacific Traditional Medicine.High uric acid, gout, do not take medicine to reduce uric acid, non-drugs to reduce uric acid away from gout, please subscribe to the column “decode high uric acid gout, send Traditional Chinese medicine to debate 20 prescriptions”.For more on oral lichen planus lore, subscribe to Byebye with Oral Lichen planus.Like my article, please like, collect, forward, do not know how to treat gout, oral ulcer, oral lichen planus, gynecological private diseases, you can subscribe to the above column, welcome to pay attention to !Writing is a kind of practice. 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