A new round of rain and snow hit jiangsu and Anhui provinces in central and eastern China

2022-04-29 0 By

Under the combined influence of cold and warm air, a new round of rain and snow will hit central and eastern China from January 25 to 29.Affected by snow and freezing rain, some expressway sections in Gansu, Shaanxi and Hubei are at high risk of snow and ice, while some expressway sections in Jiangsu, Anhui and Guizhou are at high risk of freezing rain and snow disaster.From January 25 to 29, the Central and eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the eastern part of the northwest, the western part of North China, the western and southern parts of huanghuai, jianghan, Jianghuai, the western and northern parts of The South of the Yangtze River and the central and northern parts of Guizhou will see light to moderate snow or rain to snow.Parts of eastern Gansu, southern Shaanxi, western and southern Henan, Hubei, Anhui, western Jiangsu, northern Hunan, northern Guizhou and other places have heavy snowstorm, hubei, central Anhui, southeastern Henan and other local areas have heavy snowstorm or extremely heavy snowstorm;Freezing rain hit parts of southwestern Hubei, Guizhou, central and western Hunan, and northwestern Jiangxi.Major highway traffic in China, according to the weather forecast on January 25 solstice 29, affected by the snow, gansu, shaanxi, henan, hebei, chongqing, LanHai in Tibet and other places, even huo, Beijing kun, BaoMao, Shanghai shan, shanghai-chengdu, Shanghai and chongqing, the superhighway of silver, and national highway G317, G318 road sections of the road, such as high risk of road snow, icy roads;Due to freezing rain, some sections of fu-Yin, Er-Guang, Bao-Mao, Shanghai-Kunming and Hang-Rui expressways in Hubei, Hunan and Guizhou are at high risk of icing.The national major highway frozen rain and snow disaster risk forecast, according to the figure is expected to 08 on January 25, up to 30, 08, jiangsu, anhui, hubei, chongqing, guizhou, hunan and other places within the territory of shanghai-chengdu, hu shan, Shanghai and chongqing, Beijing platform, dhi BaoMao rong Hong Kong and Macao, Beijing, xiamen, HangRui, shanghai-kunming high-speed local sections of frozen rain and snow disaster risk is high.At present coincides with the Spring Festival travel rush, the passenger flow around the increase, China Meteorological Administration public weather service center experts remind relevant departments and the public attention to prevent road snow and ice, slippery road and low visibility on the adverse impact of traffic travel, the region also need to prevent secondary disasters caused by strong snow;At the same time, the public also need to pay attention to coal heating and electricity safety;In addition, it is easy to induce respiratory diseases in low temperature, so it is necessary to prevent the adverse impact on epidemic prevention and control.Produced by China Meteorological Press source: China Meteorological Administration Public Meteorological Service Center Editor: Brush review: Duan Haoshu