Lantern Festival activities have been arranged in the three venues

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Zhuzhou Evening News (reporter/Wen Lin) the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, the moon flower lamp shadow connected.The city’s three cultural venues will launch a variety of activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival, so that the festive atmosphere of joy around you.On the afternoon of February 13, the city library will launch special activities, including lantern riddles guessing, Shen Nong Ya collection “Appreciation of Hanfu Knowledge”, Shen Nong Ya collection “The Beauty of Kunqu Opera”, Nishang Hanfu show, ancient wind and tide market, painting group fans as masks, skillful hands as tangyuan, love poems against each other, etc.At the same time, the “Little Divine Dragon” public welfare class was launched, children can come to the city library, media art design painting, handmade paper painting, rubik’s cube, etc.Zhuzhou study also launched the Lantern Festival “love reading party” fun in the study series activities, the public on February 13 to 15 into zhuzhou study, can participate in guessing riddles, hand-painted lanterns, reading photos and other activities.The Lantern Festival, the city cultural center integration of traditional folk characteristics, bring together many fresh play, to create a number of convenient services, launched “Fu Man Zhuzhou” – Zhuzhou 2022 Lantern Festival activities.On February 15, the city cultural Center will hold a series of activities, such as spring Greeting and blessing, fun lantern riddles, Harmony Dumplings, Interaction of Hanfu, xi Optimistic film and so on. The scene will set up a convenient service window, such as hairdressing, dental, small household appliances repair.There are also mouth-watering ice sugar gourd, delicious and beautiful fancy cotton candy, lifelike sugar painting, cold and refreshing scraping powder, paper cutting, handcraft, nail art and other food and projects, welcome the public to taste and experience.On the Lantern Festival, walk into Zhuzhou Museum, in addition to visiting the exhibition “Tiger Begetting Blessing — Renyin (Year of the Tiger) New Year Zodiac Cultural Relics (picture) Joint Exhibition” “100 Wells, 100 People cut 100 Scenes — Zhuzhou municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage project” 100 Wells cut paper “work exhibition” and other exhibitions, to understand the regional excellent traditional culture,Can also continue to attend the spring garden party “blessed by a power – the museum” cultural huimin series activity, the children through “tiggo or dingle spring-heralding” the year of the tiger small classroom knowledge, “a dab hand at tiger tiger zodiac paper-cut, handmade” tiger “lantern making, the family together” blessing “write” tiger “card, form rich interactive activities, such as in-depth experience of traditional festival customs,Understand the traditional cultural connotation of Lantern Festival.On February 19, Zhuzhou Museum will also invite Zhang Yixun, the non-hereditary inheritor of the project, to tell the story of “Baijing cutting paper”.Twelve teenagers from Thunder Rock have formed a dragon dance team and the little dragon dance team is doing very well.(Zhuzhou Evening News reporter/Zhang Yuan photo) Zhuzhou Evening News (reporter/Kuang Kunhong correspondent/Yu Hongmei) Dragon dance is a traditional Local custom, now many children also fall in love with this activity.This Spring Festival holiday, from leidashi town of Tanpu village, Tieli village, Yangli village and other villages on the spontaneous formation of a dragon dance team, ready to perform in the Lantern Festival from house to house.The small dragon dance team was organized by 11-year-old Su Enqi from The village of Tanpu.After the winter vacation, he invited his next-door neighbors and friends to participate, and received positive response from his friends.No one to teach, online learning;No ready-made props, buy online.Before the props arrived, we used sticks to hold five or six meters of red silk to practice.At first, there were always clumsy “fights” between 12 people.To this end, Su Enqi with boys step by step detailed decomposition action.After more than half a month of 3 hours of practice every day, now, we dance well, about 6 meters long silk dragon somersaulting, jumping, falling, climbing, worship, for a while like a dragon across the river, for a while like a dragon into the sea, for a while like a horse galloping.The surrounding villagers are looking forward to the wonderful performances of the children on the Lantern Festival.