In this district of Jinan, 44 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens were renovated and expanded, and 39,000 new degrees were added

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February 16, the communist Party of China (CPC) lixia District jinan 13th congress opened.Yang Chuanjun on behalf of the CPC Jinan Lixia District 12th committee to the conference report.In the past five years, Lixia district has been firmly committed to ensuring basic needs and moderately benefiting the people, and the happiness index of the people has continued to rise, Yang said.We put into practice the concept of people-centered development, and the district government has invested 29.88 billion yuan, or 75.6 percent of its total spending, in improving people’s wellbeing. This has made the people’s sense of fulfillment, happiness, and security more substantial, secure, and sustainable.Employment and business startups improved quality and efficiency. A total of 292,000 urban jobs were created, and the registered unemployment rate was kept within 3 percent.The social assistance system was further improved, with a total of 300 million yuan granted to people living on subsistence allowances, to children with disabilities, to orphans, and to serious diseases, basically ensuring that all those who are eligible have been covered.We made solid progress in the three-year action plan for basic education facilities, built, renovated or expanded 44 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and added 39,000 new academic degrees. Comprehensive reform of basic education continued to deepen, making China’s cities and counties on the list of the top 100 cities with fair education in China.The level of elderly care services continues to improve, with 110 facilities for elderly care being built or renovated and 100 assisted meals for the elderly. The “E-Link for Family Love” project has been implemented to provide safe supervision for more than 2,300 elderly people living alone, making it one of the first demonstration cases of using smart technology to serve the elderly.The capacity for providing public services has been improved in an all-round way. 55 community houses have been built or renovated, and 20 social work service stations have been built.A district cultural, sports and archives center of 100,000 square meters has been put into use. All district-level cultural centers and libraries meet the national first-class standards. Thirteen subdistrict comprehensive cultural stations and 110 community cultural centers have been built, forming a public cultural service network that covers the whole region and benefits the whole people.We vigorously promoted the construction of sports and fitness facilities, adding three fitness parks and 19 community fitness centers, and achieving 100% coverage of sports activities in communities.The disease prevention and control system has been improved. The PCR laboratory of the District CDC has been put into operation, 19 community health service institutions have been built or renovated, and the medical combination of public hospitals in the district has been fully covered.A total of 1.877 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is generally stable.The “12345” public service hotline has been well worked, and the overall satisfaction rate remains the highest in the city.Today, the district has basically achieved good education for the young, excellent education for students, good medical treatment for the sick, nursing for the old, and support for the weak. The achievements of reform and development continue to benefit the people of the district, and gradually become a “happy city” where those who are near and those who are far come.New Yellow River reporter: Liu Jie editor: Zhao Shanshan