Gemdale contract sales in January increased by 26.9% year on year. The sales target reached about 87.2% last year

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China Network Finance, February 15 news: Gemdale Commercial Holding Group Co., LTD. (referred to as: Gemdale Commercial holding, 0535.HK) announced the disclosure of unaudited operation data in January 2022, said that in January, the company’s total contract sales of about 5.695 billion yuan, and the total contract sales area of about 227,600 square meters.The average selling price during the period was about RMB25,000 per square metre.China net finance learned that in January 2021, gemdale commercial purchase contract sales of about 4.489 billion yuan, the total contract sales area of about 209,000 square meters, the average sales price of about 21,500 yuan/square meter.By calculation, the total sales volume of gold land commercial purchase contracts in January 2022 increased by about 26.87% year-on-year.China network finance previously reported that Gemdale commercial purchase announcement in January revealed 2021 annual sales data showed that the total contract sales of gemdale commercial Purchase Group in 2021 was about 78.454 billion yuan, a slight increase of 4.37%, and the annual target of 90 billion yuan was about 87.2%, which was not completed;The total sales area is about 3,754,800 square meters.