China stock market: If crisis is coming and the three-year structured bull is over, what should retail investors do?

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If crisis comes, 3 year bull market ends.Then the high growth track is the best haven under the registration system.Unlike gold, the digital economy is now more frenzied.Therefore, the market pays more attention to the layout of resources, resources are king in the future, and resource prices are becoming more and more expensive.Especially in 5G and the full digital economy, the demand for technology equipment is even more crazy.But these basic manufacturing industries are generally not very profitable either.Ecological platform good rise some, but these large-cap stocks are unlikely to fly, only the relevant high growth track in the mid-cap stocks more conducive to madness.Digital RMB is also a stimulus point, but the equipment hype is not very big.Overall expectations have market, but sustainable and steady new energy is not good, because new energy performance reflects, can attract funds.Digital RMB hotspot is that there was no speculation before, the pilot just landed in a large area.So repeated opportunities still exist, the relevant stocks recently doubled did not fall, but some did not rise but fell.Cold window attack!Oversold after the market, how to avoid conditions oversold?This Spring Festival is not easy.Such as big good news!Have confidence in China’s economy, do not give up easily, do not impulsive trading, at this time more need to be calm, bold and careful.How much pain and suffering to bear at this time, after the rebound will harvest how much, this is proportional to what the so-called luck of the sky pie?Who is not load forward, one step at a time, after constantly pay to harvest!Dario, over 34 billion Canadian in China assets – Foreign institutions can buy a lot of Chinese assets, and firmly long China, let alone I am a patriotic Ordinary Chinese investor.Those who want to make long-term profits in investment must first look far enough, and have a good attitude and endurance.Heavy warehouse in the rise, holding positions in the rise, reducing positions in the end of the city, empty positions in the city.In combination with market sentiment and technical averages, understand these four sentences and you can avoid many detours and slowly understand them.Do not consider efficiency in trading, do not set a monthly profit target, trading is discipline, not efficiency competition arena, the first thing to consider in investing is the safety of principal.Have reasonable risk control methods, under the premise of controllable risk repeated successful trading mode, reasonable expansion of position, repeated game, long-term operation.No matter what kind of model, do not understand the withdrawal of short positions will inevitably lose, so small funds recommended in good times to earn full, to attack on the defensive, weak market to have been short positions, until the mood again.When you make a wrong trading decision, how to avoid the next time, you can symbolically punish yourself once, such as slapping yourself twice in the face, twisting your own thigh and so on, as time goes by, you can get rid of bad trading habits.Truly superb trading skills, must not be limited to the use of any skills, nor superstitious policies, theories, technology and news, what they pursue is superb grasp of the market group psychology and their own individual mind completely understanding.Loss shares 3 big original sin, see you in a few 1, only see technical side obsessed with technical side, line analysis, day long, always find in the graph some hint of the buying and selling point, and believe that continuous optimization can achieve stable profit, this kind of shares are often a road to black.Technicality is just a graphical display of the past. In Securities Analysis and The Intelligent Investor, Buffett’s teacher said, “It is wrong to use technology to predict the future according to history.”In: Use fundamentals to find margins of safety, at the right price, find opportunities with a high degree of certainty, and hold patiently.2. The fear caused by ghost stories also limits consumption of liquor, exceeds the standard of plasticizer, the decline of insurance agents, the decrease of medical consumption, the property tax, the overcapacity of steel and coal, the pressure of environmental protection, and the anti-monopoly of Internet.Any industry has many problems, but the smart people see the cycle, the new leek feel fear, quality stocks in the industry, not because of the ghost story and continue to fall, on the contrary, will hit new highs.Correct approach: find the policy, the market, volatility digestion full stock, kill the immortal will only be more powerful 3, HIGH-FREQUENCY trading chasing short term, more than loss, high-frequency trading, is simply “loss of money machine”, every transaction, there are opportunity costs, is simply the loss of interest.Every transaction is natural to contain hidden losses, if you continue to follow the same nonsense, your loss is, your principal can not stand your greed and ignorance.Right way: read the stock, know the profit model of the stock, know whether the factors of production supporting the profit is sustainable ability circle, know my own analysis ability, make solid money, patiently wait for the right price and grow with the enterprise.Investing is really about two things: long-term thinking and riding the wave.After a lot of people fry, can become extremely short sighted change, because daily limit, every month has doubled, every year has enough to change life big bull, temptation, few still can hold.In the short term, no one can guarantee you, and no one is sure what will happen, because there are too many variables in the short term that will interfere with the market and the company. How can you put so much information together and make correct conclusions in all kinds of contradictory conflicts?However, in the long run, the interference of these short noises will all disappear, the momentum of an industry’s development and the internal efforts of the company will occupy the most important influence, and these are the sources for us to predict and earn relatively stable profits through research activities.Of course, sometimes discrimination and prejudice in the market will give a little reverse gift, but that is just a gift, to obtain this gift also need us to bear the consensus formed by most people at a certain stage, it is very hard to be a lonely rebel code word, agree with the point of view can like, like support, thank you.Today to share with you here, want to know more exciting content can pay attention to my hundred number, to share with you every day, welcome to leave your views and ideas in the comments section.