7 seater family car “subversive”!Even more beautiful than GL8, only sold more than 80,000, what more trumpchi M6?

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Introduction: 7 seater family car “subversive”!The appearance is more beautiful than Buick GL8, the lowest model or only sell more than 80,000, the strength of trumpchi M6;Known as “baby magic”, ordinary people can afford to buy a 7-seat MPV, the new car is less than 90,000 yuan, what wuling Capjie?Let’s find out!This car that says today is dongfeng vogue · yacht.According to the latest news, dongfeng Fadong · Yacht MPV will be officially unveiled in early March 2022, and the new car will be officially launched in April.Dongfeng Fanfan · Yacht is known as the “7-seat family car subvert”, from the new Super Cube EMA architecture, the strength can not be underestimated.Dongfeng Vogue · Yacht’s first bright spot is in the aspect of appearance design, the use of a new “front dynamics” design language, exaggerated and domineering large size front intake grille + long and sharp LED headlights, integrated into each other, very luxurious MPV recognition, appearance level is better than Wuling Caper, Trumpchi M6;In terms of body size, Dongfeng Vogue · yacht is 4.85 meters long, the width of the body is 1.9 meters, the wheelbase of the body is 2.9 meters, and the seven-seat layout of 223 is adopted, which has a certain advantage in space.Next door Lao Wang, tell me what you say!Dongfeng vogue yacht name is very domineering, appearance level online, configuration and power is also commendable, can be a hit?Basically still see market price?If the minimum model is sold at just over 80,000, or will become the next explosive MPV god car, what else is wuling Caper, Trumpchi M6?What do you think?Comments are welcome!