Zhejiang builds more than 200 future villages every year

2022-04-27 0 By

Demonstration to promote the implementation of the “thousand village, village regulation” project, promote the construction of the beautiful countryside, general office of zhejiang provincial government recently issued by the “about to carry out the” instructional advice on the future of the construction of the rural (hereinafter referred to as “opinions”), is proposed since 2022, the province construction each year more than 200 rural future, built more than 1000 by 2025.According to the Opinions, the future rural construction should be people-oriented, ecological and digital, with people from original villages, returnees and new villages as the main body, with scenes, neighborhoods and industries as the way, with people coming, working and making money as the orientation, with local flavor, local flavor and nostalgia flavor as the characteristics.Integrating the model of “beautiful village + digital village + co-rich village + cultural village + good governance village”, the company strives to build a new village community that leads digital life experience, presents future elements and highlights the charm of Jiangnan.In order to strengthen the guarantee of rural construction elements in the future, the Opinions put forward that the surplus construction land and supplementary cultivated land index income obtained by the project villages through land consolidation and other means should be prioritized for cultivated land protection, high-quality rural construction, beautiful pastoral construction and ecological restoration and improvement.The surplus index generated by consolidation will be preferentially used for rural industrial land demand, and the funds from land transfer income used for agriculture and rural areas will be inclined to future rural construction.We will use land economically and intensively to build future villages, and ensure that targets for land use for housing, infrastructure and industrial development are met in project villages.It is clear in the guideline that rural areas in the future should create scenes of future industry, style, culture, neighborhood, health, low-carbon, transportation, wisdom and governance.Among them, the Future Industrial Scene focuses on promoting the centralized consolidation of permanent basic farmland, developing ecological agriculture, leisure agriculture, creative agriculture and experience agriculture. At the same time, supporting eligible project villages to build characteristic industrial parks, small and micro entrepreneurial parks, and using idle factories and agricultural houses to build shared office and entrepreneurial space;Future landscape scene to improve the “county rural construction planning + stationing planning, village planning and design of village, village farmhouse design and characteristics of rural landscape planning” in rural planning and construction system, to strengthen the construction of rural planning permission management, at the same time, respect the local features and region characteristic in the original texture, keep village to promote rural micro “embroider” kung fu transformation, the essence of ascension;In the future low-carbon scenario, we should promote the practice of “ten thousand trees in one village” and build forest villages.