Turkish man tested positive 78 times and was quarantined for 14 months, experts say

2022-04-27 0 By

A Turkish COVID-19 patient who was quarantined for 14 months has tested positive 78 times.Red Star News quoted foreign media as reporting on February 8 that Kayasan, a patient with leukemia, was first diagnosed with Novel Coronavirus infection in November 2020. Two weeks later, his condition improved and he was discharged from hospital to go home for self-isolation according to regulations.But at least 78 tests have since been carried out, each of which has returned a positive result, forcing the quarantine to continue.He has been infected for the longest time.Muzaffer Kayasan.Figure since the red star news, xiangya hospital, central south university, director of the center for infection control an-hua wu on February 11, the People’s Daily health client interview, said, according to a report card and mulberry is a leukemia patients, usually leukemia patients after chemotherapy resistance is decreased, but it doesn’t mean the resistance is low,Long-term infection of the Novel Coronavirus must occur.Wu anhua explained that at present, this is a very small probability event. In the process of infection, sometimes lesions will form and the symptoms will disappear slowly, but generally the infection will not be chronic and the virus will not persist in the human body.More significantly, Kayasan’s wife and young son, who lived with him for part of his 14-month positive period but did not become infected, tested negative for COVID-19 both times.”We do not know the details of the patient’s life. All 78 nucleic acid tests were positive, but we are looking forward to more research on whether and where the live virus can be isolated from the patient’s body.””The novel Coronavirus infection is a new infectious disease. Although we have been fighting against it for more than two years, our understanding of it is still limited and there are still many unanswered questions, which need further research to clarify. We also hope that the local medical authorities can conduct further studies on the patient.”Give researchers around the world an answer or a clue as soon as possible.Source: People’s Daily Health client for more exciting content, please download the “morning video” client in the application market.Tips are welcome and will be paid on acceptance.Wechat: XXCBWX, 24-hour information hotline 0731-85571188.