Tongzhou District Beiyuan South Road 40 courtyard party construction lead to stimulate the residents of the motive force

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How to maintain the pocket park at home?Can public parking shed pile up sundries?How to effectively promote residents’ autonomy in old communities?Community governance is a multifarious process. How can residents’ wishes be consolidated into a cohesive force?Malicious under the needle effort, crack grassroots governance problems, Tongzhou District Beiyuan street Fuxing South community Party secretary Yang Yajing said: “get through the nerve end of community governance, the need to adhere to the leadership of the Party, to build a bond and bridge between the community and residents, to create residents to jointly govern and share grassroots governance situation.”In the pocket park on the north side of Yard 40, Beiyuan South Road, Fuxing Nanli District, Tongzhou District, under the shade of vigorous pines and cypress, the green space and leisure seats complement each other.On the right side of the gate of the hospital, the household garbage classification and delivery point is clean and tidy, and the garbage delivery is standardized;Walking into the courtyard, bicycles are placed orderly in the public parking shed from north to south on the left.After dinner, residents stroll and relax in the park.Under the guidance of party construction, no. 40 courtyard has become a model community of grass-roots governance in the Renaissance south.Fuxing Nanli community has six residential areas and two cottage areas, with a total of 2,110 households.New, old village, building, bungalow crisscross, all sorts of management difficult problem is not little.The problems are so numerous and intractable that how can communities be governed in good order?According to Yang Yajing, the general branch of the party of the community refined grid management, divided into 6 grids, social work package grid, resident volunteers serve as grid long, the establishment of community autonomous team in the grid, including a number of residents backbone, the formation of pyramid management pattern, thoroughly get through the service of the masses “capillary”.”You see, our bikes are in good order.”Zhao Cuihua, leader of the autonomous team of the 40 courtyard community, said proudly.As a team leader, she is the “warm heart” in the residential building, the spokesperson of residents’ aspirations, but also to assist the community on the Party branch, do a good job of grassroots governance of the bond and bridge.On a fine day, a few chatty residents sit in front of yard 40.Don’t underestimate these residents!They are on duty in the borough.Littering in pocket parks, trying to enter the community to post small advertisements…They can’t get away with it.”The community is the ‘big family’ of every resident. Only when everyone does their part, can the public environment be more beautiful and livable.”Zhao Cuihua said.Beijing City Sub-center newspaper reporter Tian Zhaoyu responsible editor Zhang Chen