Super safe and intelligent new SUV Ruihu 3X PLUS with ESP

2022-04-27 0 By

Wuhu Minriche limited special price car 20% off the sale, Wuhu account subsidy of 3000 yuan.Super safe and intelligent new SUV Tiger 3X PLUS with ESP: ① Surprise gift: 2000 yuan cash discount for car purchase ② Financial gift: 3000 yuan cash subsidy for financial car purchase ③ Replacement gift: 2000 yuan cash subsidy for car purchase ④ Warranty gift:Recommended gift: Chery certified owners recommend new users to buy the car through the “Chery owner Club” small program, owners who have bought the car can get 300 yuan maintenance voucher and Chery owner club 10000 points, new users can get 500 yuan purchase voucher quickly pick up the phone to contact us!For more information please call toll-free hotline!Address: Wuhu City Yijiang District Huajin South Road Qirui 4S shop to shop test drive can get a beautiful gift, looking forward to your store!Or leave your contact information below, we will contact you at the first time, give you VIP exclusive service.The offer details are as follows: The event runs from February 15, 2022 to February 15, 2022