“Snow as the order, see snow guard” Wuchang traffic police to ensure rain and snow weather traffic safety

2022-04-27 0 By

On the morning of January 28, snow fell in Wuhan.Wuchang district traffic brigade in accordance with the preliminary work plan, in case of snow weather, all staff on duty, to ensure the area of traffic safety, orderly.At around 6 am, the Spring Festival travel rush has already begun, although it is not yet dawn.Wuchang district traffic brigade Wuchang railway station police district Chief Liu Wuqiao led the team in advance, found that the bridge connecting Wuchang railway station, Hongji passenger station has passengers pass, in order to prevent the rain and snow road slide, Liu Wuqiao immediately in the bridge deck, stairs salt melt snow, remove water, for passengers to go home every section of the road to ensure safety.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning, Wuchang District traffic brigade deputy captain Xiong Zhijun was observing the weather on the road, saw snow in the sky, immediately informed the brigade command room to strengthen work arrangements.With snow as the order, see snow on the hill.Wuchang District traffic brigade standby police in accordance with the established plan, quickly to icing, Bridges and tunnels and other key junctions, to carry out traffic dredging work.8 in 10 points in wuchang district sand lakes bridge under the bridge, because it is tuyere road, the road is icy, wuchang district traffic brigade motor squadron mid-team leader webber had led the police on duty reaches the set point, traffic, prompt slow, order squadron police Wang Jun will de-icing salt, MATS and other snow materials are put in place, ready to use.At the mid-south intersection of Wuchang District, although the flow of people and cars is not large, the traffic police on duty still stick to the road and remind passers-by to obey the traffic rules.Some electric vehicle drivers wear helmets due to cold weather, and traffic police on duty help them to wear helmets after on-site education.9 o ‘clock in the morning, in wuchang district uprising gate market, buy vegetables, dozen people and cars flowing, full of thick “New Year flavor”.Wuchang district traffic brigade four squadron captain Xiong Hanlin, police Wang Feng and others braving snow traffic, for the masses to buy goods “escort”.It is understood that in order to do a good job in winter disaster weather prevention measures, Wuchang district traffic brigade to overcome the impact of holiday duty, strengthen the strength of preparation, fast withdrawal of road traffic accidents, and through the “fixed, fixed post, fixed responsibility” way to ensure the normal traffic order of the area.