Seven Rhymes and “Farewell to the Old and Usher in the New” 2 (3 songs)

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Compiled, recommended/Chishi (Li Hongyu meishan, Sichuan) one, seven law farewell to the old and welcome the new/Yuan Zhili (Meishan, Sichuan) after learning drum qin Yin Zi period, high mountain and flowing water chant prophet.Huang Zhong lu played xinsui, red sun little boy shake old branches.Tiger yue Yan New Year’s Eve near, cattle song feng grass courageously hoof away.Dukang bacon couplets, painting fu Wenchun Liusi.On the morning of the Evening, I take a walk on the sunny morning, and the remaining flowers by the river are blooming in cold splendor.Valiant yingzi was mei, sonorous pride through cold.Cattle winter is a good fate, especially the age of the tiger can agree with Italy to accompany.A pillow, a deep dream, fall in love with you fragrance cheeks.(2) Quit the old and lean, brave tiger set sail at the age of.Fang xin full sleeve love trouble, smile overflow eyes Yang.Willow green peach is auspicious, butterflies cry birds smell flowers.South to ziyan sunny window dance, warm spring to send Qin cool.Lang Zhong in Sichuan province heard the sound of a bird’s call, and the way of snow and ice melting was clear.Spring to the bold kiss, lake scenery wholeheartedly tilt.Bright new ideas, clean dust steps light.One after another, go ahead with your head held high.About the author: Li Hongyu, female, Han nationality, was born in Yibin County, Sichuan Province in November 1957.He graduated from Yibin Medical School in March 1980.Take an active part in poem calligraphy works at home and abroad, are all the gold or special award, work and biography when competing new published corresponding concentration, calligraphy and painting works for many years been published in the twilight of painting and calligraphy newspaper, poem calligraphy works from year to year triple-verse-poetry bashu poem, poetry by Chinese poetry academy’s triple-verse-poetry go on spring outing of the poet “books, according to the” national famous easyown poetry”The painting “Harmony” was collected by Contemporary Library of China, the calligraphy “Chuan Jun Shuai” was collected by Xiao Jun Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall, the painting “Seven Rules MAO Zedong” and “Chrysanthemum” the calligraphy “Hai Long Yin” was collected by Beijing Oriental Chinese Poetry and Painting Academy, in April 2012 self-published “Li Hongyu poetry and Calligraphy works collection”,In September 2018, li Hongyu self-published “Feelings of Red Stone” — a book of poetry, calligraphy, painting and photography.Currently: Member of the World Chinese Poetry Association;Member of Chinese Poetry Society;Director of Chinese Famous Poetry Exchange Center;Director of Chinese Poets Association;Director of The Kyushu Spring Poetry Society;Beijing: Member of the Creative Committee of Oriental Chinese Academy of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting;Chinese Poetry Forum meritorious poetry friends;Invited consultant of Hong Kong Poetry Forum Qingliu Academy;Poetry and Painting guest writer;On July 25, 2020, won the first prize (11th) of “(Li Bai Cup) Top 100 Contemporary Poets list”;24 poems and calligraphy works praising the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party were collected by China Popular Literature and Art Research Association into the book collection “Calligraphy ode” published in 2021.On August 21, 2021, he was appointed as the literature consultant by the editorial Board of Jinbangtoutiao New media Platform.Release editor/Gongga Li Guangyou