Range of 700 km.Body battery integration, pure electric medium and large car zero-run C01 will debut in April

2022-04-27 0 By

Recently, we obtained a set of spy photos of the zero-run C01 from official channels. The new car will debut in April and go on sale in August.It is understood that C01 will be based on zero run C architecture to build, positioning pure electric medium and large cars.It is worth mentioning that the zero-run C01 will adopt the integrated design of CBC body battery.Before that, let’s first understand what CBC is. It is the abbreviation of Cell Body Chassis, which translates to (electric Cell + Body + Chassis). This technology actually integrates the battery pack into the Chassis of the Body, and replaces the upper shell of the battery pack with the Body.If you still don’t understand, let me give you an example. The four-wheel-drive we used to play with when we were kids was very much like this design.In the familiar all-electric vehicles, the power battery is separated from the car body, and the power battery is mounted behind the car chassis, so you can see the power battery pack exposed under the car.With the CBC body battery integrated design, the car will have better passability and improved torsional rigidity.At the same time, we can also load more cells to increase the range.Although the zero-run C01 uses a lot of camouflage, but combined with the previous exposure of the design, its front face will still use closed processing, while equipped with a through-type headlights.The rear of the new car will adopt the style of sliding back, which looks more sporty. According to the previous exposure information, the length/width/height of the zero-run C01 body is 5053/1890/1503 (mm).Inside, the new car will keep its design simple and unsurprisingly feature a triplescreen, as well as a dual-spoke steering wheel, oval air outlets and wireless charging pads.In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with dual motors and four-wheel drive system, and the steering force can be adjusted in three modes.The new car is expected to have a range of 700 kilometers and a 100-kilometer acceleration of three seconds. It will also be equipped with a CBC battery body integrated design.