Qin an: Only with a strong backbone can there be more chances for peace!On China’s strategic posture in the tiger Era

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New Year’s Eve vigil dumplings, home didn’t go back, afraid to let the people of home worry;Spring Festival gala did not see, the TV did not open for a long time, such as toss good, the party is over.So when waiting to eat dumplings, could not help but sit in front of the computer, saw the teacher wenmu’s article: China’s foresight and near-foresight!Deeply touched.According to Fumu, the United States is not opposed to China’s development, but it wants China to develop at home, that is, without using a lot of international resources.So it blocked your access to overseas markets with Taiwan on one side, and cut off your oil after the War in Afghanistan on the other.Even as you become more productive and your appetite for resources grows, Americans will only allow you to find food in your own home.By the time China grows, it will eat up all its resources.This paragraph basically makes the dark psychology of American politicians very clear.In the early days of reform and opening-up, China’s development was mainly based on domestic resources, which was supported by the United States and needed China’s huge market.Nowadays, China is strong, and resources appetite naturally become bigger, affected the hegemony of the United States, then in the Obama era “return to Asia”, began to block Chinese, airsea battle is the most typical military means, and Afghanistan are two sealing of Taiwan, because Taiwan is Chinese territory, although the U.S. didn’t come, but did a lot of effort;In Afghanistan, the United States is directly shirtless, in the name of anti-terrorism, can be real troops near the Chinese border, but so can block China?After Obama, trump and Biden, one of the biggest changes is the total war with China without any bottom line, not only military return to Asia, and even a vicious “five hammer” : technological blockade, blame discredit, military deterrence, disruption to the neighborhood, dollar cut.If Mr. Obama still needs the Chinese market, Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden are desperate.Of course, since the outbreak of COVID-19, US politicians have used the dollar tool to cut leeks, and interest groups have achieved their goals and made a lot of money!Going back to the containment around China, Afghanistan and Taiwan are two key points.However, the United States is actually blocking China in all directions, the south China Sea military flexing, the East China Sea joint Japanese blockade, the Korean Peninsula stationed heavy troops, India, Vietnam, as well as myanmar and Kazakhstan’s color revolution, that move actually has the same purpose: blocking China!The us blockade, in fact, has had a result, the direction of Afghanistan has fallen apart, the hastily withdrawn US troops, from the White House command level to the military operational level of the ability, almost discredited, an all-powerful American government and the US military, should be so bad, it is astonishing.In fact, it’s not surprising to think that the fight against COVID-19, which has killed more than 900,000 people, is no different.Also must be mentioned here, that is the war in Afghanistan has consumed a lot of money in the United States, the United States consortium rely on U.S. money trick had appeared problem, trillions of dollars in 20 years in Afghanistan, even though the military behind the group still earn big money, but during the outbreak of hair money “cut chives,” by the war in Afghanistan to earn wealth,American politicians feel both scared and too tired, hence the “Kabul moment” of a desperate retreat.It seems unreasonable, but in fact, as with gambling psychology, once you realize that the stock or the stock market has a problem, you will feel overwhelmed by a delay of a second!How did China break out of the encircle of the United States?To be sure, America’s self-inflicted political infighting, its self-destructive divide between rich and poor, and its ability to make enemies on multiple fronts were all important internal determinants, but China’s rise up and, once rich, its strength was the decisive factor.Obviously, the premise of being strong must be hard, that is to say, the backbone is hard, so that there can be more chances for peace!This is the hard truth, is the constant line, is the key to break through the siege!At present, the United States can no longer afford to pretend to be a tiger. It has become a “vagrant in the yard”. In this case, while attacking its opponents, it will also hurt its teammates or even “pig teammates”.On the eve of New Year’s Eve, the Chinese people were bustling in the headlines, while there was little international news. First, The Japanese media reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had canceled his visit to Japan.Second, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on his social media that he tested positive for COVID-19.Meanwhile, the Biden administration has isolated itself on the day when the Chinese New Year and the Winter Olympics overlap and the “spring date” between the Chinese and Russian leaders is just around the corner.At such times, let us calmly recall that where China is able to break through the TECHNOLOGICAL blockade, discredit the United States, deter militarily, disrupt its neighbors and cut off the dollar, it is precisely where China is hardened.For example, the cooperation between China and Iran, which has lasted for 25 years with a project value of 400 billion US dollars, is to abandon the US dollar, refuse to cut vegetables and use local currency swap!This is the example of toughening up!But at the same time, do not assume that China’s modesty is not lethal. In fact, it is fatal to the law of the jungle. All countries in the world, including America’s Allies, are observing and experiencing it.For example, in Germany, the United States is simply holding back the “last mile” of Russian gas connection. Do you think the German government and the German people are humbled?Another example is that while the United States has killed countless people in Afghanistan, China has provided warmth, food and clothing to the Afghan people in this cold winter. Such strength is the right way for mankind and the most powerful weapon that the concept of a community with a shared future has overcome the law of the jungle.From this point of view, in the New Year of tiger tiger wind, China must be strong and gentle, to carry a shotgun to the Wolf, wine for friends!This also prompted me to think about the column that will be launched after the Spring Festival:Surrounded by pincers, the virtual and the real?China hard up to strong, from pan smear, blockade of science and technology, military deterrence, disrupt the surrounding, the dollar’s mowings perspective, focusing on the seas, the east China sea, south China sea block, the Korean peninsula stationed heavily made mischief, India, Vietnam, direction, and the color revolution, Burma and kazakhstan finally focused on the Taiwan issue, gathering originative sentiment, gathering originative wisdom, gathering originative strength,For the realization of the country’s overall unity dedication meager strength!Of course, the reason why we need to talk about this issue is that there are still many areas where we have not hardened up, and everyone wants to give advice on how to harden up. For example, when the US warship intruded into China’s territorial waters, can it harden up?Including the Chinese stock market, can we stand back?I believe you must be very concerned about!Note: The author of this article is Qin ‘an, the founder of “Qin ‘an Strategic Think Tank”, and the original work of this platform. In the New Year, I wish you all victory over the epidemic, containment of hegemony, and a better future together.