If Zhao King Yang Gao died, sui Dynasty will not become a short-lived dynasty

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In 607, that is, the third year of Daye, Emperor Yang was dealing with political affairs. Suddenly, the eunuch came to report that the emperor had a baby, and Xiao Bin gave birth to Emperor Yang’s third son. Emperor Yang saw the son and gave him a name Yang Gao.Emperor Yang gao was very fond of his son, and Yang Gao was conferred the title of King of Zhao by his father Emperor Yang at the age of seven. This was not an ordinary royal, but a prince level.Emperor Yang had great expectations for his son. After emperor Yang opened the Grand Canal, he asked Yang Gao to accompany him to jiangnan.Emperor yangdi of nine years (in 613), emperor yangdi with Zhao Wangyang Gao to cruise in northern xinjiang, emperor yangdi is also in order to see how the frontier management, by this time the turks attacking yanmenguan, emperor yangdi on the rostrum, result the arrow flew from emperor yangdi’s eyes suddenly, shooting emperor yangdi thought is to Zhao Wangyang Gao, emperor yangdi at this time also panic, holding the prince of zhao kept crying,Your eyes are puffy from crying.After Emperor Yang gao and The King of Zhao returned from the tour, Emperor Yang gao was granted the title of Doctor Guanglu and worshiping Yin of Henan.Yang Gao smart, and beauty instrument, Emperor Yang Guang every time to write poems and songs, Yang Gao can give it to recite in a very short time, and can prepare to grasp the thought of Emperor Yang.Yang Gao this person is very filial, gentle character, once saw emperor Yang fell ill and could not eat, Yang Gao has been kept in emperor Yang’s side did not eat, Emperor Yang was very moved, because his eldest son Yang Zhao died after;He did not feel the affection, because the second son Yang bad is a man of adultery.In the 14th year of Daye (618), Yuwenji instigated a mutiny in Jiangdu, usurping the throne and killing Emperor Yang. Yang Gao was only twelve years old at that time. Yang Gao kept crying on Emperor Yang’s chest, seeing this scene, Emperor Yang was very sad.Emperor Yang and Yu culture and Emperor Yang of the Most at ease is the King of Zhao Yang Gao, because he is only twelve years old, but Yu Culture and is a cruel and unkind person.He was afraid that Yang Gao, the king of Zhao, would be bad for him if he did become emperor, so he ordered emperor Yang and Yang Gao killed.After Emperor Yang and Yang Gao died, Empress Xiao took maids and eunuchs to collect the bodies of Emperor Yang and Yang Gao, and put them two people in the West courtyard of liuzhu Hall.In the Book of Sui, Wei Zheng also spoke highly of The King of Zhao, who was the best son of the Emperor yangdi. He was good at poetry and lyrics and had a gentle personality.If Yang Gao had not been killed by Yuwenji and become emperor, I don’t think the Sui dynasty could have been a short-lived dynasty.