A joint exhibition of seven famous painters from Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to commemorate the 138th anniversary of The birth of Chen Shuren

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February 9 (the ninth day of the first lunar month) is the 138th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Chen Shuren (1884-1948), one of the founders of lingnan School of Painting. In order to commemorate this outstanding veteran of the 1911 Revolution and outstanding modern Chinese painter, 7 famous painters active in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan jointly held an exhibition of works in Chen Shuren Memorial Hall on the same day.The exhibition is named “Standing in Virtue and Creating People — Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Art Joint Exhibition”, curated by Ms. Chen Jingfen and Mr. Chen Yongqiang, and invited Guangdong painters Chen Jinzhang, Liang Shixiong, Chen Yongqiang and Fang Chuxiong;Hong Kong artist Lai Ming;Macao painter Ye Quan;Taiwan painter Fang Rongcheng and Chinese painting masters from Hong Kong and Macao jointly exhibited nearly 40 Chinese paintings to commemorate Mr. Chen Shuren, the master of lingnan School of Painting.The exhibition runs until February 18.Li Weiming, a famous art critic, pointed out in the preface of the exhibition that Mr. Chen shuren’s “original intention” was to be a poet euloquing the beauty of nature in peaceful times and a painter depicting the idyllic scenery. However, born in troubled times, he threw himself into the revolutionary struggle to overthrow the feudal monarchy and create the republic with a powerful pen in his youth.During his sixteen years as chairman of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee of the Nationalist Government, Mr. Chen devoted himself to his duties, especially during the Anti-Japanese War, uniting and mobilizing overseas Chinese at home and abroad to contribute to the victory of the anti-Fascist War.As the world today is not at peace and geopolitics and the epidemic change, peaceful reunification has become the strongest voice of the Chinese nation.From this perspective, the joint exhibition of seven artists can not only be regarded as a response to Chen Shuren’s “original aspiration” which fascinated him more than 100 years ago, but also as the “aspiration” of the current pursuit of the peaceful reunification of the Chinese nation.Chen Jinzhang “Gongtang Jiamu” 69×138cm Chen Jinzhang “Spring Mountain Cloud Rise” 69×138cm Dawn “European Tour” 133×66cm Dawn “Singing and Dancing Music Ascending” 170×90cm Liang Shixiong “Danxia Sunset” 134×68cm Liang Shixiong “East Wind blowing over Yao Village green terraces green Mountains”148×74cm Ye Quan “Durable Yellow Flowers are old People · Chrysanthemum” 136×68cm Ye Quan “Golden Years · Lotus” 134×68cm Chen Yongqiang “Solid Also”179×97cm Chen Yongqiang “The Original Golden Wind” 179×140cm Fang Chuxiong “This year firecrackers more red” 137×69cm Fang Chuxiong “Simple Tiger” 137×69cm Fang Rongcheng “Camel Mountain” 70×140cm Fang Rongcheng “Resonance with heaven and Earth” 70×140cm Nandu reporter Zhou Peiwen intern Chen Yue