18 photos of Lanzhou in 1982

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1.1982, lanzhou no. 2 middle school, grade 1, class 3 learning 12 spirit.2. June 25, 1982, graduates of semiconductor major of Lanzhou University took photos.3.1982 lanzhou military region “826” meeting parade certificate.4. In 1982, CAI Jinyu, barber of Lanzhou People’s Barbershop (six good worker).5. In 1982, the family posed for a group photo in Baiyin, Lanzhou.6.1982: technical renovation site of the second FCC unit in lanzhou refinery.7. June 1982, graduate of Department of Pharmacy, Lanzhou Medical College.8. In 1982, retired cadres of Lanzhou Military Region studied and discussed the twelve major documents in a sanatorium.9. Graduated from Junior High School in Anning District, Lanzhou in 1982.10. In 1982, Wu Zhirui, traffic policeman of Chengguan Traffic Squadron of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau, was at his post.11. In 1982, Branmei, a shop assistant in lanzhou Jiuquan Road non-food market, weighed customers with a platform scale.12. Corner of Lanzhou Workers’ Cultural Palace, 1982.13. Liu Zhiren (national Model worker in commercial front), best salesperson, Sales Department, Lanzhou Tuanjie Company, 1982.14. Lanzhou Academic Journal, No.4, 1982.15.1982, lanzhou, overlooking jincheng pass.In 1982, The Henan Opera “Morning Glow” was rehearsed by The Henan Opera Troupe of Lanzhou as a tribute to the 12th National Congress of the CPC.17. “Selected Papers of Academic Symposium”, Lanzhou Normal College, 1982.18. In 1982, wan Jingji, an elderly family member of overseas Chinese in Lanzhou, donated 10,000 yuan saved to the welfare of children in Lanzhou.