What is mobile SEO?Why is mobile SEO important?

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Mobile SEO is the practice of enhancing your website for mobile devices.From the user experience to the overall look and feel, it prioritizes making sure the site is ranked on all mobile devices.It is also becoming increasingly important in a world where almost everyone has a smartphone.In fact, in 2020, 61 percent of Google searches took place on mobile devices.What is mobile SEO?Why is mobile SEO important?This means that mobile search engine optimization should not only be part of an SEO strategy, but also one of the main focuses.What is mobile SEO?The process of getting a website to rank as high as possible for relevant content in search engines such as Google is called search engine optimization (SEO).Mobile SEO involves a similar practice, but prioritizes optimizing websites for visitors who visit them from mobile devices.This includes making sure the site runs smoothly on all smartphones and tablets, has a mobile-friendly design, and looks good on all devices.What is mobile SEO?Doing so ensures that every user has a good experience on the site, no matter what mobile device they use to access it.It also makes the site visible to more mobile users because the site will be visible in search results, depending on configuration.Why is mobile SEO important?Like the Internet, SEO is constantly evolving, which means we need to be flexible with it.If SEO priorities change, website priorities should change too.We now know that more than half of Google searches are conducted on mobile devices, and SEO is all about getting in front of consumers as much as possible.Why is mobile SEO important?So, with fewer people sitting at their computers accessing the Internet, it’s understandable that the focus of SEO is shifting to a mobile-first world.However, while smartphone use continues to account for a growing share of Internet searches, a large number of websites have yet to optimize their experiences for mobile users.If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, it can be costly.Socialmediatoday.com reports that 46 percent of Google searches are local, and 60 percent of those searches are done on smartphones.These are also valuable mobile searches.When searching for a local business on a mobile device, 88% of customers call or visit the business within 24 hours.Statistics like these also convinced Google that it was time to move to mobile-first indexing.That’s it for mobile SEO.