The Rules of life contained in the Poems of the Tang Dynasty: Details determine success or failure (Worth collecting)

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Cold rain lianjiang night into Wu, Ping Ming chu Shan gu.Luoyang relatives and friends such as phase ask, a piece of ice heart in jade pot.1 cold rain lianjiang night into Wu, Ping Ming chu Mountain lonely.Luoyang relatives and friends such as phase ask, a piece of ice heart in jade pot.This song “Furong Building to send Xinjian” is wang Changling’s most handed down poems, “a piece of ice heart in jade pot” is everyone familiar with the famous sentence.The famous “Furong Building to send Xin Jian 2” was written on the day when Wang Changling took office in Jiangning City. At that time, he was criticized and saw off his friend on a long trip.Parting advice, but with jade pot ice heart from the heart.”Cold rain lianjiang night into Wu, Pingming off chu Mountain lonely.Luoyang relatives and friends ask each other, a piece of ice heart in the jade pot “, the poem in the southern misty rain and abrupt and proud lonely peak, is not only the scenery language is also the language of love.Wang Changling took loyalty and faithfulness as a kind of moral confidence and transcendent power in the predicament of life, and also showed that he did not lose faith in the justice of The Times.At the time of writing this poem, Wang Changling was serving as an insignificant official in Jiangning (now Nanjing), which was not far from Zhenjiang. It was on the Furong Building in Zhenjiang that Wang Changling gave a farewell dinner to his good friend Xin Jian as a gift.The poem is magnanimous and noble, but if we are careful enough, we may have a question: did the “friends and relatives in Luoyang” misunderstand Wang changling, or heard some negative rumors, so that Wang Changling defended himself in this way?And so it was.Wang Changling’s behavior, known as “not protecting the fine line”, that is, not very good, so that time and again to be degraded.We would guess that a person with such “famous style” must be from a family of children, but we are really surprised: Wang Changling was born in a poor family. When he was young, he had to make a living by farming, and he did not succeed in the imperial examinations until he was nearly 40.By today’s standards, this person should be a standard phoenix man, of course, also should have the phoenix men generally have the spirit of diligence and careful character, the position, contacts, marriage, family, and so on, and in the order of all elements to see very heavy, but wang changling is an exception, born a poet of character, so big age still is a temperament middleman.When one is too emotional, it is hard to avoid bumping into implicit and implicit social norms and being derided as “clueless” by sophisticated people.We have no way of textual research Wang Changling exactly spread what some negative news, how to do some “do not know things” — obviously that is not what matters, and people more have nothing to do with — only know that because of his careless character, people on his criticism and discussion once reached the boiling point.2. With such a personality, Wang Changling could have been a freelancer today, standing aloof from worldly affairs and interfering with others. Unfortunately, he had to make a living and run for the future in the treacherous officialdom.Just things boiling down worth mentioning, at most make the mood and position together a little low just, but if because of such temperament and should not offend people, provoked to the power of jealousy, it is really life danger.In a word, Wang Changling’s way of dealing with the world was almost fatal at that time.When the Anshi Rebellion broke out, the world seemed to lose all rules in a flash. Everyone had a reason to do things cheaply, and things that they would never dare to do in normal days could be done as expedient and gladly.At that time, Wang Changling had been far banished to a remote place in Hunan. He no longer cared about public office and rushed back to his hometown Taiyuan.This is the last journey of Wang Changling’s life. He is not killed by the anshi rebels, but by his colleague luqiuxiao, who has long harbors hatred for him.In 755, the Anshi Rebellion broke out. In 756, 59-year-old Wang Changling was killed by luqiuxiao, a provincial governor of Bozhou, on his way back to his hometown.Why does Luqiuxiao kill Wang Changling?History books record very little, leaving the mystery of the ages.However, there is a thought-provoking sentence written under the name of “Wang Changling” in volume 2 of Biography of Tang Wit by Xin Wenfang, a yuan scholar: “Returning to the village with a sword at the moment of fire, lvqiu xiao kills him.”In 757, Chang Ho was ordered to put down the “An Shi Rebellion”.Hearing that Wang Changling had come to Bozhou, Luqiuxiao was very happy. He arranged his exercises together and hosted a banquet for Wang Changling.While drinking, Luqiuxiao takes out a pile of his manuscript papers and modestly asks Wang Changling for advice.Wang Changling may have said one after reading: you’d better work hard as an official.Crucially, those lvqiuxiao’s men accompanying the guests could not help but snicker.As a result, Wang Changling is killed by luqiuxiao at the age of 60.A great poet was born suddenly, and after decades of being tossed around by the most grass-roots cadres, he was inexplicably terminated by an official who was a little older than himself. It was the impermanence of the world, leaving only the vast and desolate outside.A year later, Luqiuxiao is also killed by another man, Zhang Hao, who is suspected of pursuing a private vendetta against Wang.In the autumn of this year, in order to relieve the siege of Songzhou (now shangqiu, Henan province), lvqiuxiao, a provincial governor of Bozhou, led troops to rescue him.Arrogant and wayward, Luqiuxiao despises Zhang, who was born in cloth clothing, and is even more afraid of defeating “his own evil” in the battle, so he deliberately delays the battle and holds back his troops, resulting in the delay of the battle and the fall of Song Zhou.Zhang Hao executed Luqiuxiao for the crime of delaying the military plane.In the execution, Luqiu xiao shows a pitiful look and begs Zhang Hao to spare his life: “There are relatives, begging for more life”, which means that the family has an old mother to support.Zhang Hao is worthy of being a prime minister, and a word blocks lvqiuxiao back: “Wang Changling’s relatives, with whom to raise?”.Turbulent times always provide unlimited opportunities for personal revenge and venting.Luqiuxiao, filled with jealousy, grabs Wang Changling for leaving his post and puts him to death.To be fair, Wang Changling was suspected of dereliction of duty, but the crime does not lead to death, and saving relatives because of war can be fully supported by Confucian morality — Confucius had long said that the only son who fled for his parents should not be punished, but should be treated with sympathy and commendation.The holy dynasty ruled the world by filial piety, putting filial piety before official duties, which was not a big deal.Wild and unrestrained character will make Wang Changling suffer, such an end is not surprising.Not everyone and every incident brings clear retribution, but the murder of Wang changling by Luqiu Xiao soon brings retribution: in order to calm down the chaos, a famous officer, Zhang Hao, is appointed as the provincial commander of Henan province, just the boss of Luqiu Xiao.On the occasion of the battle, Luqiu Xiao delays his flight and is punished with beheading.Luqiuxiao pleads bitterly to Zhang, saying that he has aged parents who need to be taken care of. He hopes that the officer will take filial piety first and forgive his death penalty.Zhang Picks up a cold reply: “Who will take care of Wang Changling’s parents?”Hearing this, Luqiu feels ashamed and dare not make further entreaties. However, he is beaten to death by rod.Wang Changling’s informality although incur things boiling, but all things are all sections, after the death of people more no foot theory, we began to miss all his benefits;Luqiu knows that the only thing criticized in his life is the killing of Wang Changling, which is a major festival and has never been forgiven until today.In fact, in terms of poetry alone, Xiao Lv and Wang Changling could have been poetic friends. In the end, Xiao Lv wrote a good poem: a boat man responds to each other, setting sun falls into the Fangtan.Night fire even huai City, spring breeze full guest sail.Water poor sea bank, road as small mountain south.And xi Xiang garden near, yan Rong meaning not gan.The poem, titled crossing the River at night, is rather elegant.The ancients took literature as their aspirations, so they could not understand the people of lvqiu.Zhong Xing, the master of the Ming Dynasty, said with bewilderment that a man who could kill Wang Changling could also write such a good poem, it was really strange!Zhong Xing thinks that since Luqiuxiao can write good poems, he can naturally appreciate excellent poets like Wang Changling, but it is not enough to sympathize with each other. How could he kill her because of a little secular jealousy?This assumption is not unreasonable, but can have such a naive idea of the people must be unaccustomed to officialdom, Zhong Xing really did not do too much of the official.We often think like Zhong Xin, but we should always remember that when we admire the glorious poetry of the Tang Empire, for those writers behind the poetry, the role of the poet is often only a minor part of their total social role.4. Wang Changling himself was actually a poet killer, having committed heinous crimes on the literary landscape: the poet Meng Haoran died because of him.Wang Changling in Xiangyang and Meng Haoran see, Meng Haoran died because of the old disease recurrence.It was in the late Kaiyuan period of Tang Xuanzong, wang Changling passed through Xiangyang to visit the great poet Meng Haoran.Wang Changling is bold, Meng Haoran will accompany him together bold, Meng Haoran is about heat poison, back up boils, is recuperating, will soon be good.Wang Changling visit Meng Haoran eldest brother, Meng Haoran happy regardless of the doctor’s warning, fresh and gold bottles of wine, even the diet of raw fish are put behind, a pass down, the old disease relapse, die.The results in Wang Changling do huan and parting, Meng Haoran at the cost of life to the world revealed the importance of the diet, Wang Changling is therefore very sad on the way to leave.The devil is in the details.Details may not determine the success or failure of all people, but at least decided the life and death of Wang Changling and Meng Haoran.