The Cavs aren’t the only candidates for James’ potential next move. The Knicks are on the list

2022-04-26 0 By

During the recent All-Star weekend in Cleveland, James spoke to the media.In the interview, James said he would likely end his career outside of Southern California, meaning the four-time MVP could make his fourth decision in the near future.James is in the final year of his contract with the Lakers, and his decision could come as soon as next summer.So which teams might be his next stops?Today, celebrity Andrew Holleran wrote a list of his three potential suitors, which has sparked a lot of discussion among fans.The Cleveland Cavaliers, James’ hometown team, began his career with the cavaliers twice and brought the only NBA championship to his hometown.Emotionally, it’s a good move to go back to the Cavs, and James himself told the media that the door isn’t closed on him.However, a more realistic problem is that the Cavaliers have completed the rebuilding, the current team has a young core of Cuttings mobley and Garland, whether they will make a targeted adjustment for the “old” James, will be open to question.James also said in the interview that he would like to spend the last year of his career on the same team as his son Browne, but the question is, is Browne an NBA-level player?So far, outsiders do not look good.The Lakers and Cavs might not sign Browne to suit James, but the Wizards will.This is the team that brought Michael Jordan back.The Knicks have the biggest market in the NBA, which could help James continue to expand his business.Compared with the lakers, the knicks look to record did not pursue, they already have more than one season for the playoffs, more than in the past season, they have been trying to introduce star, stars are interested in them, but few if James will join, even at the end of his career, believes he will open arms.