Spring go | at the grass-roots level with stick to bear the responsibility Customs clearance is restless Fighting in nantong port customs people

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In January this year, nantong Customs supervised nearly 20,000 teUs of import and export containers in tonghai Port area.Behind the data is the persistence and dedication of the front-line customs staff at the port.Today, the reporter followed the customs inspection of a section of Jia Congyu and Wu Qi, experienced the customs officers of the export goods inspection process.At 10:00 a.m., jia Congyu and Wu Qi from the Inspection Section 1 of Nantong Customs put on protective clothing, took inspection equipment and law enforcement recorder and went to the export inspection platform not far from tonghai port after receiving the instruction to open the boxes for inspection.According to procedure, the dockers first emptied the container of goods.After that, Jia Congyu and Wu Qi skillfully open the packing boxes for inspection, product name, label, quantity……While the two of them look at, while quickly input information in the system.In addition, the two also carried out a careful inspection of whether the goods infringed.Jia Congyu told us that during this period, there are more than a dozen containers waiting for inspection every day, and the peak may reach dozens or even hundreds of boxes.At 11:45, after the inspection of the cargo was successfully completed, the two men took off their protective suits and gloves and left the inspection site.