The US and Australia have again called on China to pick sides, saying it is not the same as putting pressure on China by sending warships to the Taiwan Strait

2022-04-24 0 By

According to the Sputnik news agency of Russia on February 26, the Us and Australian authorities recently again asked China to take sides on the Russia-Ukraine issue, and Australian Prime Minister Morrison even criticized China’s lifting of restrictions on Russian wheat imports as unacceptable.Mr Morrison said Australia was “working hard” with the US and Japan to isolate Russia from the rest of the world.While Morrison urged our country to take sides, White House press Secretary Jen Psaki also urged us to consider “which side of history we stand on.”According to the logic of the US and Australia, pressuring Russia is not the same thing as repressing China, which is why the US sent warships through the Taiwan Strait after Shouting at us.Immediately after Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, Zelensky called the United States, Britain and other countries to offer him more assistance.But biden, while calming Zelensky, told the world’s media that the United States would not send troops into Ukraine to confront Russian forces.Sources said, in the Croatian palace authorities issued the order to send troops, Biden can not wait to invite western countries to Russia’s economic blockade and suppression, and unwilling to follow the United States action of the European Union, can only bear the brunt of Russia’s economic suppression means.For the United States, the escalation of the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine is good for its own country. As long as Russia sends troops to Ukraine, the European Union has to follow its actions, which can not only shake the international status of the euro, but also allow European capital to flood into the United States, making it a tool to solve inflation.Australia and Japan are all countries tied to the American chariot. As a member of the Five Eyes Alliance, Morrison has been determined to follow the United States to curb the development of the mainland, so he constantly asked our country to take sides on the issue of Russia and Ukraine.The Us and Australia still follow the cold War mentality in dealing with international issues, but this mentality is outdated. Therefore, China will not accept the fallacy of the US and Australia. We always stand for resolving disputes through peaceful means, rather than resorting to the repressive means used by the US.When answering questions from journalists, the spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry made it clear that the US has frequently used blockade and suppression measures against other countries in recent years, but such measures have not only failed to work, but also caused instability in the region.Analysts pointed out that the United States was the initiator of the russia-Ukraine conflict, and now the escalation of the russia-Ukraine situation, the United States disguised itself as a “champion of world peace”, their behavior is very shameless.While the US and Australia asked China to choose sides, the USS Ralph Johnson, a guided-missile destroyer attached to the US Navy, sailed through the Taiwan Strait, and the US sent an EP-3E reconnaissance aircraft to provide intelligence support for the guided-missile destroyer.Experts said the us navy’s move is provocative, but the White House’s tactics will not intimidate us, and we will follow our principles in dealing with international issues.