Spring Festival | learn paper-cutting, do lanterns, eat dumplings, the Lantern Festival they do so

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In order to enrich the staff cultural life, active festive atmosphere, at the same time let the inpatients spend a warm, meaningful Lantern Festival, on February 15 afternoon, Liaocheng people’s hospital Dongchang district union surgical system a group in the ward building 13 floor of the doctor-patient rest area to carry out “thick doctor-patient love, joy make yuanxiao” theme activities.Medical staff and hospitalized patients learn paper-cutting, make lanterns, eat yuanxiao, celebrate the festival, happy.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, we worked in groups to learn how to make paper-cuts and lanterns. Some of us took scissors to cut paper-cuts, while others wound and splicing with adhesive tape. Everyone was very busy.After more than an hour of mutual learning, all kinds of paper-cuts and red lanterns appeared in front of us.”You think so thoughtful, let us feel as warm as at home, this yuanxiao ah, eat in the mouth, sweet in the heart!”Hospitalized patient Aunt Zhang said.After the event, the hospital union sent hot yuanxiao to medical staff and inpatients.Yuanxiao is eaten on the Lantern Festival, meaning reunion, symbolizing family reunion, harmony and happiness.However, for hospitalized patients and their families, eating a steaming bowl of yuanxiao is especially sweet on this special day.A lantern, a paper cut, a bowl of yuanxiao, is not only a simple affection, but also the hospital’s meticulous humanistic care, wholeheartedly to provide patients with a warm family service epitome.Over the years, the hospital has persisted in providing patients with warm, high-quality, love-related medical services, and made every effort to build a humane hospital, enhance humanistic care and promote harmonious doctor-patient relationship.Graphic editor: Yu Jiangtao Responsible editor: Wang Jingzhuang General audit: Xia Jinjin