Shouguang City Nongsheng Street Mi River Bridge light debugging main bridge

2022-04-24 0 By

A landmark bridge lights up in shouguang, Northeast China’s Hebei province, Jan. 21, 2019, to celebrate the 2022 Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger and the 23rd Food Expo.Shouguang City Nongsheng Street Mi River Bridge rebuilt a total length of about 1139 meters, the main bridge length of 449 meters test lights, color landscape lights at night debugging.Shouguang City nongsheng Street Mi River Bridge after the lights under the decoration of the flowing colorful, and mi River each other, charming scenery.At present, shouguang City Nongsheng Street Mihe Bridge main bridge construction has been completed, the bridge deck below all completed, the main bridge and approach bridge cast-in-place beam, prefabricated beam pouring and installation are all completed, a-type steel structure tower and cable has been installed, lighting project is being installed.The company will strengthen the overall planning and scheduling to ensure the installation and debugging of lighting equipment such as street lamps and landscape lighting belts on the main bridge before the Spring Festival.Source: China Communications Shouguang Investment Co., LTD