Parents need to hurry up for physical examination

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Spring school time is coming, in accordance with the relevant regulations, children in the first nursery institutions before a physical examination, after passing the health can enter the park.Recently, it is the peak of children’s spring physical examination, in the city maternal and child Health care hospital, many parents brought their children to do the physical examination.It is understood that the physical examination of freshmen is the first step to prevent infectious diseases from being introduced into kindergartens, and it is also an evaluation of children’s health status by establishing health records in kindergartens.Kindergarten entry physical examination can help understand the growth and development of children, but also timely find anemia, abnormal vision, malnutrition, dental caries and infectious diseases and other related conditions.Parents are required to bring their children’s child health handbook and doctor’s card for physical examination.A medical card is required for the first physical examination.The city vice head nurse care of health care of women and children’s children Wen-ying zhang: parents with children is dealt with in a medical, the first to go to the hospital, on an empty stomach in charge the window into the garden, physical examination, registered in the emergency department blood on the ground floor, after finished the blood to child care department to report for duty on the second floor, testing temperature, sweep the yard for health declaration, check card, fill in in a medical card.After filling in the physical examination card, you can start the physical examination.Zhang Wenying, deputy head nurse of the Child Health Care Department of the City Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, said: “There is no problem with filling in the card to see the green code and the travel card. We are ready to measure the height and weight, have a vision screening, and then go to the outpatient clinic for a physical examination.Because afraid of children hungry, parents can prepare some food at home in advance, draw blood can let the child eat.Due to the need to draw blood, the physical examination for admission is generally carried out in the morning, and the result can be obtained at 4 to 5 PM on the same day. The physical examination in the morning on weekends and the admission card can be obtained in the afternoon of normal working days.Zhang Wenying, deputy head nurse of the Children’s Health Care Department of the City maternal and Child Health Care Hospital: if the baby is sick, there are upper respiratory tract infections such as colds and coughs, diarrhea, and children who take drugs, it is recommended to stop taking medicine for more than a week and then come for a physical examination.Because drawing blood involves liver function and other items, afraid of affecting test results.Source: Ynet