Haikou citizens more rational consumption, civilized thrifty Spring Festival has become a fashion

2022-04-24 0 By

“Buy less of everything, eat before you buy, don’t waste it.”On the morning of January 31, the last day before the Lunar New Year, Wang Tao, a haikou resident, and his family went to a Carrefour supermarket on Jinlong Road in Haikou city to do some Spring Festival shopping.Hainan Daily reporter saw that their shopping car put all kinds of leisure food, fruits and vegetables, but the number of purchases are not very much.”This year, the three of us are spending the Spring Festival in Haikou. We have a small family, so we can’t buy all the food we need. Besides, supermarkets are open normally during the Spring Festival, so it’s convenient to shop.Wang tao said.”In the past, in my hometown, the refrigerator was full of chickens, ducks, fish, vegetables and fruits. Until the 15th day of the first lunar month, there were still a lot of food left to eat, and some food that could not be put down began to go bad.”Wang tao told reporters that it seems that everyone is used to hoarding large amounts of goods before the Spring Festival, so there is waste every year.The wang family’s idea is also in line with the prevailing attitude of most people towards Spring Festival shopping, which is to “buy as you eat” to ensure freshness and taste without being wasteful.”In the past, transportation was inconvenient, supplies were scarce, and shops were closed during the Spring Festival, so everyone had to make all kinds of goods the same every Spring Festival.”Aunt Chen, a “migratory bird”, recalled that she began to visit relatives and friends from door to door on the first day of the Lunar New Year, and often prepared all kinds of food for friends. “At that time, nuts and meat were bought in large quantities.Now there is no need to prepare so much. People visit less and there is no need to prepare a big table of food for the sake of face when dining with relatives and friends, so buy less and just enough to eat.”The change of shopping cart also shows that “frugal New Year, put an end to waste” has become the common aspiration of citizens, we are actively practicing healthy and civilized consumption concept, advocating thrifty atmosphere is becoming more and more strong.”Now that living conditions are better, citizens are beginning to pursue quality rather than quantity of Spring Festival goods. Instead of blindly pursuing abundance, they are choosing carefully and purchasing goods as needed.”The relevant person in charge of haikou on bond store carrefour, said during the Spring Festival, the supermarket normal business, and in advance to prepare enough necessities and can meet the demand of the general public life, “so everyone in the shopping, don’t put excessive hoarding, in order to avoid short shelf life waste caused by the goods overdue, live a frugal and do not break the festival atmosphere of the Spring Festival.”(Haikou, February 1)