Guangqi Toyota Jinhua no.1 store Lei Ling limited time discount 11,000 yuan

2022-04-24 0 By

15 anniversary brand old shop, buy rest assured, with peace of mind!In 2021, China automobile circulation industry dealer group top 100 ranked seventh!★2021 Leiling new four models, new TNGA 1.5L series and double engine leading version, double modeling, three powertrains, multiple experience.★ New TSS executive safety assist kit.★ Use TNGA engine high-speed combustion technology to achieve smooth driving experience.★2021 New Year, stronger strength, higher value, more choices!Special gift: Leiling limited time discount 11,000 yuan!Evaluation gift: professional certified appraisers will evaluate for you for free, high price recycled second-hand cars, all models can be exchanged in the shop, to provide you with convenient and comfortable service!Test drive: you can get a beautiful gift when you come to the store for a test drive!Door-to-door gift: if you can’t take the time to my shop to see the car, as long as you a telephone we can door-to-door service!Address: No.8 Xianqiao Automobile City, Jinhua City