20 years to gain more than 20 million, the implementation of the new hall was reported online, he asked the organization to clarify

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A month after taking office, he saw a report about his corruption on the Internet and submitted a written statement to the Shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline inspection and Supervision, denying the fact of the report and asking for clarification.”Fake incorruptibility” cannot cover up “real greed”.Two years later, he was found to have received gifts from more than 50 subordinates and management clients during his 20 years in office.In addition, they illegally accepted more than 21 million yuan in property related to coal mine investment, project contracting, job transfer and job adjustment.A few days ago, the shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of the official website published the article “Father training what early regret what late — Weinan City CPPCC former Party secretary, chairman Wu Python into the case warning”, and attached wu Python into the confessions.Pythons into wu.Wu Nongcheng is shaanxi Weinan Han City people, long in the Weinan region, served as deputy secretary of Baishui County Party Committee, Cheng Cheng County mayor, county party secretary, Weinan Municipal Party committee secretary, Weinan Municipal Party committee standing Committee, deputy mayor and other positions.In April 2018, he was appointed chairman and Party Secretary of Weinan CPPCC.It is worth noting that wu Python in the new weinan city CPPCC chairman, party secretary, received a clean “alert”.On April 8, 2018, the Shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision announced that zhang Jianhua, former chairman of weinan City CPPCC, was under investigation for disciplinary violations.Zhang Jianhua, also a local weinan cadre, served as the chairman of the Weinan CPPCC for seven years before stepping down in February 2016.According to the report, Zhang jianhua violated the eight-point rules of the CPC Central Committee by staying in high-end hotels several times and reimbursing his accommodation expenses.In view of the fact that he paid part of the above-standard accommodation expenses before the organizational review, he actively cooperated with the organizational investigation during the review, truthfully confessed the disciplinary violations, and sincerely admitted his mistake, so he was given the punishment of warning by the Party, and his above-standard accommodation expenses have been ordered to refund all the compensation.This clean government “alarm” did not alert Wu Python cheng.According to the shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, a month after assuming the chairmanship of the Weinan CPPCC, Wu Saw a letter about himself on the Internet, took the initiative to submit a written statement to the provincial commission for Discipline inspection and supervision, denied the fact of the report, asking the organization to clarify.In October of the same year, the provincial commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision involved in the investigation, and launched a preliminary verification of the relevant problem clues.At this time wu Python into one hand launched a friend to contact “delete”, on the other hand to the discipline inspection and supervision organs “shout injustice”, and swear that he is innocent.With the deepening of the investigation, The “clean image” that Wu Had painstakingly cultivated for many years and painted by himself was finally exposed — over the years, he almost scattered all his illegal money and goods to several trusted relatives and friends, who took care of them, hoping that he could get away with it.On March 23, 2020, Wu Was taken away for investigation.In the initial detention, Wu Python into many attempts to avoid serious, confusion, cover up serious crime.Pretending to be ignorant, innocent, and scoundrel became his trademark.On the surface, his words are sincere and his attitude positive, but he is only explaining trivial and general disciplinary problems.Several times he even recanted on the spot when it came to key issues, denying what he said one second and then the next.As early as the second half of 2017, when accepting the letter inquiry from shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, Wu Rongcheng, then a member of the Standing Committee of weinan Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, concealed the truth many times, provided false information to the organization, and attempted to hide the truth by means of colluding confessions, forging, transferring and concealing evidence.Later, wu, who seemed to smell some danger, forged a loader lease agreement with a friend, making up the fact that he earned more than 950,000 yuan, and handed over 200,000 yuan of his illegal gains to the other party for safekeeping.He also accepted part of the illegal income to his nephew unified custody.He even from the gifts he received, to find a few of the valuable celebrity calligraphy and painting in a hurry to destroy.From 1999 to 2019, Wu took advantage of the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other holidays to illegally accept gifts of 2.167 million yuan, maotai liquor, gold bars, shopping cards and other gifts from 54 people.In addition, in relation to coal mine investment, project contracting, job transfer, job adjustment and other aspects, Wu python cheng illegally accepted property equivalent to more than 21 million yuan.The Confessions of Wu Python Cheng.According to Wu, most of the violations of discipline and law in Shaanxi province took place during his time as a county leader.When working in Baishui county and Chengcheng County, Wu Python into many times received his father from home to send a letter, warned him to correctly handle the “name” and “benefit” relationship, to live up to the party’s kindness, organization of cultivation.His father, who had always been strict, even cut out warning articles like “Revelation of the fall of the Secretary of the County Party Committee” published in the newspaper and bound them into a book for him, hoping that his son could take warning.He confessed in his confessions: “When the secretary of the county party committee, consciousness should be higher, but the fact is, after sitting on the chair of the secretary of the county Party committee, I think more.””Take the principle to trade, take the party spirit to do the exchange, once the truth is revealed, the warm water encounters the qualitative change, becomes the boiling water, not only their own political life will be burned to death, natural life will also be spent in prison, one misstep will lead to eternal hate!”In addition to taking bribes, Wu Python became a formalist, bureaucratic, in order to “official hat” distorted the view of achievements.In 2019, the issue of “making sea and digging lake” in Weinan city attracted wide attention.In April of the following year, shaanxi Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development, Development and Reform Commission and other departments issued a joint document, explicitly stating that it is strictly forbidden to blindly use water to make green under the pretext of building “ecological civilization”, transplant trees to make green at high prices, dig lakes and build landscapes, and destroy the natural ecological background.”Build the sea and dig the lake” and Wu Python into the keen image project, political achievement project has a great relationship.At that time, wu pythons into in weinan land and water conservancy works, however, his basic cities of weinan arid insufficient understanding, the support ability of water resource is not fully considered, from local resources endowment and law of ecological planning project, leading to “build sea dig lake” part of the project is not reliable water supply, water intake water.Especially in the approval and supervision of 35 projects involving Virgin Lake, Heyang County, Weinan City, Shaohua Lake, Huazhou District, etc., wu Python Chengdu has the main leadership responsibility for the land use of 沋 River into Weikou comprehensive remediation project does not conform to the overall plan of land use, illegal occupation of farmland and other aspects.On October 9, 2020, the Shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision released the news that Wu Was expelled from the CPC and removed from public office for serious violations of discipline and law, and his suspected crimes were transferred to the procuratorial organs for investigation and prosecution in accordance with the law. The property involved was transferred along with the case.It said Wu had violated political discipline, resisted the organization’s examination, colluded with others, forged, transferred and concealed evidence, provided false information to the organization and covered up facts.In violation of the Eight-point Decision of the CPC Central Committee, accepting banquet and travel arrangements that may affect the impartial performance of official duties, and engaging in formalism and bureaucratism in work;Violation of organizational discipline, failure to truthfully explain problems to the organization in correspondence consultation, taking advantage of power or position influence to seek benefits for others in the promotion and post adjustment of cadres, and violation of regulations on cadre selection and appointment in the process of cadre selection and appointment, causing adverse effects;In violation of honesty and discipline, accepting gifts, gifts and consumption cards that may affect the impartial performance of official duties, giving gifts obviously beyond reciprocal gifts to personnel engaged in official duties, and taking advantage of their power or position influence to seek profits for the business activities of their relatives;Violating work discipline and exerting influence on judicial activities;Violation of life discipline;In violation of national laws and regulations, and suspected of bribery.”As a leading member of the Party, Wu lost his ideals and beliefs, violated the bottom line of discipline and law, distorted his three views and acted recklessly, confused the relationship between the government and business,” the notice said. “He was willing to be hunted down, and turned the power entrusted by the Party and the people into a tool for personal gain.”They should be seriously dealt with for not reining in or stopping after the 18th National Congress of the CPC, and for not fearing the 19th National Congress of the CPC.Ironically, Zhang Huirong and Wang Longqing, who were interviewed by a Shaanxi media outlet together with Wu in 2019, were also investigated.At that time, Zhang Huirong served as chairman of the Tongchuan City CPPCC, Wu Nongcheng served as chairman of the Weinan City CPPCC, and Wang Longqing served as chairman of the Hanzhong City CPPCC.The interview was published on the same page, and within a year, the three men had fallen.According to the shaanxi provincial commission for Discipline inspection, Wang longqing took advantage of the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other holidays to hold weddings and funerals, and 244 times illegally received gifts of 1.457 million yuan from 43 people that may influence the fair performance of official duties, as well as maotai liquor, gold bars, mahogany furniture and other gifts.Wang longqing was expelled from the CPC and dismissed from public office.At the end of February 2020, Shaanxi prosecutors prosecuted Wang Longqing for bribery and embezzlement.Zhang Huirong was reported to have turned a deaf ear to the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, carried out image projects and political achievements projects, alienated public power into a tool to grab personal gains, and corrupted the political ecology of one party.In economic greed and recklessness, he colluded with lawless businessmen, became both officials and businessmen, engaged in power rent-seeking, engaged in profit-seeking activities in violation of regulations for a long time, and seriously damaged the pro-Qing government and business relationship;Incorruptible officials, political misconduct, political problems and economic problems intertwined, the amount of bribery is particularly huge.In November 2020, Shaanxi prosecutors prosecuted Zhang Huirong for taking bribes.In November 2020, Shaanxi prosecutors prosecuted Wu Python Cheng (department level) for taking bribes.At present, “with the box” interviewed three people, the case has not been disclosed.Disclaimer: If the content of the article involves the content of the work, copyright and other issues, please contact this platform within 30 days, we will delete the content in the first time.