188,900 people, negative

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On March 15, 2022, two new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Tongchuan city, both of whom were close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Xi ‘an.Since 22:00 on March 14, four districts and counties in Tongchuan city have launched large-scale nucleic acid testing. As of 16:00 today (March 15), 370,200 samples have been collected, and 188,900 test reports have been tested negative.On the afternoon of March 15, Tongchuan held a press conference, during which Zhang Ping, deputy director of Tongchuan Municipal Health Commission, briefed on the epidemic prevention and control work.On March 13, Tongchuan city was informed by Xi ‘an City that yao Xx, a confirmed case in Xi ‘an city, drove to Haisheng Base Agricultural Company in Xiaoqiu Town, Yaozhou District twice on March 10 and 11.After receiving the notification of assistance, Tongchuan city conducted centralized isolation and control on Haisheng Zhao and Han, who were in close contact with Yao, overnight, and collected nucleic acid samples, carried out simultaneous flow tracing, and sealed off their activity sites.On March 13, Zhao and Han tested positive for nucleic acid, and were diagnosed as confirmed COVID-19 cases (mild) by a municipal expert group on March 14.At present, the two cases have been transferred to provincial-level designated hospitals for treatment and are in stable condition.The activity track of Zhao and Han mainly involves Haisheng Modern Agriculture Co., LTD., Sizheng Street Tongguan impression, Xiaoqiu Town government, Zhaojin Town Xishan Scenic spot and Changfeng market night market stalls, etc. The specific activity track has been released by Tongchuan CDC.This round of epidemic in Tongchuan city is caused by agriculture-related enterprises, which are associated with densely populated residential areas and restaurants in the main urban area. According to the work arrangement of Tongchuan Joint prevention and control Headquarters, the whole city of Tongchuan has implemented lockdown control management.After the outbreak of the epidemic, the Provincial Party Committee, provincial government and Tongchuan Municipal Party Committee and Government attached great importance to it. The Provincial Party Committee mainly led the on-site supervision, while the Municipal Party Committee and Government of Tongchuan mainly led the on-site supervision of personnel investigation, close connection flow adjustment, nucleic acid testing and other work, and deployed the next prevention and control measures.Relevant departments of Tongchuan city and relevant districts and counties promptly carried out mapping, control and nucleic acid testing.First, we should immediately carry out traceability for flow regulation.As of 12 o ‘clock on March 15, Tongchuan city, a total of 858 close contacts of Zhao and Han, 681 people, close contact, close contact personnel nucleic acid test results are negative.Leave Tongchuan city close contact, second close contact, have sent a letter of assistance.The second is to immediately seal the area where the contact personnel are located.Health monitoring was conducted at home for people in the unit and 10 villages in the community where the confirmed cases were located, and three rounds of nucleic acid tests were conducted for all the people in the community and the village group, all of which were negative.Third, nucleic acid tests should be conducted immediately for those at risk.Based on the tracking information of confirmed cases in Tongchuan, 26 risk points were identified in tongchuan, and nucleic acid tests were carried out to highlight key areas and implement the tests at different levels.Since March 13, a total of 11,342 people have been screened for nucleic acid in key areas, and the results have all been negative.Fourth, large-scale nucleic acid testing will be launched.Large-scale nucleic acid tests have been launched in four districts and counties since 22:00 on March 14. As of 16:00 today, 370,200 samples have been collected and 188,900 test reports have been submitted, all of which are negative.The next step will be in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, tongchuan will widely mobilize all social forces to knit tightly and firmly the solid defense line of joint prevention and control and mass prevention and control, so as to ensure that the war of epidemic prevention and control will be won as soon as possible.First, we will carry out in-depth epidemiological investigations and regional management and control.Close contacts and sub-close contacts of confirmed cases in Tongchuan will be further investigated, and the scope of control will be further clarified. Closed control measures will be taken for the areas and places involved, and investigation, tracing and control will be carried out at the same time. Tracing and tracing will be carried out to find all persons at risk as far as possible, and health control measures will be implemented by classification.Second, strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures.All public transport in Tongchuan is suspended, and communities and village groups are closed for management. All personnel are not allowed to leave the city. Those who really need to leave the city shall leave the city with negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours after approval by the district/county headquarters office.Hotels, supermarkets, markets and other places that must be open to the public must strictly implement epidemic prevention measures such as temperature testing, code testing, nucleic acid testing and wearing masks, and conduct regular disinfection and ventilation.Indoor scenic spots and all kinds of closed leisure and entertainment venues will be suspended.Third, we will ensure supplies for prevention and control.We will do our best to deploy reagents, materials and personnel needed for large-scale nucleic acid testing, reserve sufficient isolation rooms and protective materials, and be ready to use them at any time.Fourth, ensure the normal order of medical treatment.All clinics and non-fever clinics will not receive fever patients. Fever clinics and designated hospitals should strictly implement the system of pre-examination, triage and first-diagnosis responsibility, and obstetrics, pediatrics, first-aid and critical care departments should operate normally to ensure medical services and meet people’s needs for medical treatment.Fifth, cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work consciously.The general public should strictly implement the requirements of copper, red affairs, white affairs and banquets.If you enter a public area, you should scan the code to check the temperature and accept two-yard inspection. You should abide by relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control. Once you know that you have been in contact with confirmed cases or close contacts, you should immediately stay on site and take the initiative to report, cooperate with epidemiological investigation, transport and isolation, and shoulder personal responsibility and contribute to epidemic prevention and control.At present, the situation of the epidemic in China and the province is very grim and complex.It is hoped that the general public will continue to support and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, strengthen self-protection, adhere to good personal hygiene habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, avoiding gatherings and 1-meter noodles, and do not believe or spread rumors.Source: Tongchuan published editor: Zhen Ruowen Rect: Lai Ting audit: Zhang Jiawei Fang Hongwei elected Xi ‘an Party secretary about epidemic prevention!Xi ‘an public Security issued the latest notice: Xi ‘an epidemic has appeared 4 generations of transmission refute rumors!Advertising business cooperation: 18691889892