Jiangbei Town, Changsha County: strong and vigorous, the town has initiated a new ring and is committed to the future

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Changsha, February 15 (People’s Daily online) new starting point bloom new atmosphere, new journey urge new action.On February 15, hunan xingsha jiang town project meeting, communicate learning “xingsha 18th session of National People’s Congress second conference” and “the Chinese people’s political consultative conference xingsha the tenth two meetings” spirit, to mobilize the whole town up and down rapidly publicity, the implementation of the boom, common prosperity for first construction demonstration area this strategic vision contribution jiang back strength, reveal jiang back.Jiangbei town all party and government groups, cadres of organs, departments (units) in charge and the village (community) party general branch secretary attended the meeting.Special meeting, Changsha County Jiangbei town deputy secretary of the Party Committee, mayor Zhou Qinchao in-depth interpretation of the “government work report” “NPC work report”, and study and implement the “two sessions” spirit combined with the current key work arrangements.Liu Wei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the town, conveyed the spirit of the second meeting of the tenth session of the CPPCC Changsha County.Su Bo, secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangbei Town, Changsha County, communicated the spirit of “two sessions” of Changsha County and vigorously implemented the strategy of “strong provincial capital” and the spirit of “four years” action mobilization and deployment meeting.Conference pointed out that the “two sessions” pace is following the province the 12th congress of spirit, efforts to implement the party’s second goal in one hundred is an important meeting held at the critical moment, “two sessions” the examination and approval of the action plan for common prosperity xingsha construction demonstration area, marked the xingsha fully opened for the construction of common prosperity demonstration area, has profound political meaning,It shows the determination and thought of seeking truth and being practical and pioneering, and has a strong ideological, guiding and practical nature.The meeting said, should be about xingsha “government work report” action plan for common prosperity xingsha construction demonstration area such as the goal, set up strong consciousness of leading, unity of the thought and action to the conference spirit and the county, the county government of all policy decisions, to do a good job in the most practical and the development of economy, consolidate the common rich material basis,With a strong sense of political responsibility and a sense of historical mission, we will unswervingly speed up the building of demonstration zones for common prosperity.With the implementation of the four-year campaign as an important focus, we need to strengthen target-oriented and clear requirements, take the initiative to elevate the coordinate of development, tighten our responsibilities, and concentrate on advancing the development. We need to seize the day and make every effort to overcome the difficulties.We should focus on project construction, investment attraction, cultural improvement, rural revitalization, and peace and stability. We should go all out, implement vigorously, and work hard. We should strive to write a new chapter in taking the lead in building the “Three Highlands” and building modernization demonstration zones, and welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.(J. Lumsen)